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When Is the Best Time to Invest in Small-Cap Stocks?

Making confident investment choices can feel challenging because there are no universally right answers. However, you’ll be well on your way to making the decisions that are right for you by assessing your current situation and your long-term investment plans.After thoroughly considering those things and thinking about this overview, it’ll be easier for you to conclude whether now is the best time to put your attention towards small-caps.

5 Types of Startup Investors and Where to Find Them

When you start a business, at some point, you’ll need some capital to give it a push. Finding where to get this money can seem challenging, but you may have more options than you realize. There are various types of startup investors you can look to for funding.

Calling all Small Caps

The show is Nielsen rated and will broadcast to approximately 50 million homes and be seen by anywhere between 220, and 310,000 viewers.

India to Tax Income From Cryptocurrency Investments – Could the U.S. Be Next?

The IRS is likely trying to get a feel for how many people in the States acquire crypto funding in one way or another. After appearing on the 2019 tax forms and with tax season slowly creeping up, this year’s forms could again make some alterations. Changing the classification from property to a currency would be the ultimate change for investors.

Understanding How CBD And Cryptocurrency Are Collaborating

Rarely has any two industries been as compatible as the cryptocurrency and CBD industries. The projected market values for both industries are projected to get higher in the future.

Tokenized securities on blockchain are here. And they’ve been around for a while.

Because tokenizing securities are comparatively simple to do, there actually have been quite a number of them entering the market.

Bitcoin to move past $19,378 by means of public Availability & Value in a...

An article last month said Bitcoin would soar to $1 million in 5 years by an “enormous wall of money”. Bitcoin is only limited to 21 million coins. Once miners have unlocked all of the bitcoins, the planet’s supply will be tapped out.

Fangdd (NASDAQ: DUO) Achieves Milestone Strategic Partnership Agreement

Fangdd (NASDAQ: DUO) hosted a large press conference in Shanghai celebrating an important strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Yuancui, a subsidiary of Centaline Group....

5 Crypto Scams Investors Should Watch Out For

New crypto businesses open every day, and with them, new cryptocurrency scams appear. You can’t expect to stay ahead of all fraudulent activity, but you can learn to recognize common signs. Here are five types of crypto scams you should watch out for and how to spot them.

Should I Get a Loan to Invest in Stocks? A Guide to Borrowing

The main issue here is that personal loans require relatively quick payments, and stock market returns are slow. Average 10-year returns have lingered around 9.2% for 140 years. In contrast, most personal loans have short fixed terms, so you won’t likely make your money back on time.

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Stocks involved in Covid-19 Testing could be the all out Winners

Another solid player in the COVID-19 test kit market is Avalon GloboCare (NASDAQ: AVCO) who recently partnered with Adial Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: ADIL) announcing a Strategic Collaboration for Global Distribution of COVID-19 Point-of-Care Antibody Rapid Test Devices

Hydrogen Stocks, The New EV