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Thursday, September 21, 2023

Emerging Growth Conference 62 September 6 & 7. Register now

I was very happy with the presentation an questions were very targeted giving me confidence in the quality of the audience and investors.

Zayn Kalyan

Partner – Altus Capital / Scorpio Gold Corp.

The EmergingGrowth Conference provides a valuable forum for Rakovina Therapeutics to stay connected with the investment community. The brief update format as a terrific way for fast-moving companies to share real-time updates to a broad audience.

Jeffrey Bacha

Executive Chairman – Rakovina Therapeutics, Inc.

Thank you! The presentation was a great opportunity to tell the Momentus story and we appreciate the team for helping everything go smoothly.

Mary Horng

Momentus, Inc.

Everything was so streamlined and smooth, a bit surprising really. Ana was great, Ryan was a big help and the sales team was very efficient. Overall I would do it again!

Reagan Glaizer

President, CEO – Pacific Bay Minerals

The Emerging Growth Conference was fantastic. Thank you Ana and the rest of the Emerging Growth Team.

Harpeet Sangha

Chairman – China Dongsheng International / Titan Lithium, Inc.

We have presented with Emerging Growth several times and have consistently found their conferences easy to attend with large audiences.

John Cash

CEO – UR-Energy, Inc.

Thank you to the Team at Emerging Growth. We had a great experience from start to showcase. The host Ana and the audience questions also provided insight to the direction of potential interested investors.

Massimo Barone

CEO & Chairman- SmartCard Marketing Sys, Inc.

I really enjoyed presenting again at the Emerging Growth Conference. The conference is done quite professionally and the pre-conference preparation is run very efficiently and is quite user friendly. The team is quite responsive and the questions presented included thoughtful questions from the interviewer, Ana, who was quite good.

David Luci

President / CEO – Acurx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

I think the event was well organized, well attended and hopefully well rewarding for Goldshore, to create liquidity for new investors to enter.

Brett Richards

CEO – Goldshore Resources, Inc.

This was our third Emerging Growth Conference presentation and we have found them to be consistently valuable in our efforts to reach new investors, particularly across the US. The team is highly organized and professional, the platform user and audience friendly, the format is effective and the host is engaging. We will expect to do more of such events in the future.

Chris Ackerman

Metallic Minerals Corp.

Overall, a very good experience. A well-run event by a team that very clearly has dialed in the process for hosting virtual conferences. Well organized and exceptionally well moderated by a true pro, Ana Berry. We would welcome the opportunity to return to an event hosted by Emerging Growth Conference.

Steve Parsons

CEO - Goldsource Mines, Inc.

Another great experience. Ana is great and Ryan makes sure everything runs smoothly. Thanks! Chris

Chris Savile

COO - Willow Biosciences

The virtual Emerging Growth Conference ran seamlessly: joining instructions were clear, the platform was seamless and the team interested and engaged. We had more viewers that we have ever had for similar presentations in the past.

Tim Oldham, PhD

CEO & Managing Director – AdAlta Limited

We appreciate the smooth and professional job you did executing the event.

Chris Quilty

CEO – Quilty Space

We think the event went very well and we were pleased with the attendance and the interest as demonstrated by the many questions.

Robbin Lee

Director of Investor Relations – Rare Element Resources

It was simply a great experience. Thank you very much!

Farzad Nader

COO – Red Paramount Iron

Thank you for the opportunity to present Danavation Technologies. I was impressed with the professionalism of the group and Ana’s intro was simply fantastic! I will be sure to present again when the opportunity presents itself!

John Ricci

President, CEO – Danavation Technologies Corp.

I appreciate the opportunity to present to the Emerging Growth audience every time I have it. I find the attendance numbers to be better than any other online webinar solution I have used. I believe my job as President and CEO is to build a relationship with individuals that will, with time and success, lead to shareholders. I believe that Emerging Growth gives me an excellent platform form which to do this, with an easy to use and cost effective platform. I will be back!

Nicole Brewster

President / CEO – Renforth Resources, Inc.

The Emerging Growth Conference platform is a well-organized communications tool. The system is tried and tested, and supported by people behind the scenes to help presenters get the most out of the experience. Video format presentation is appreciated by today’s shareholders to supplement written news releases. Video enables deeper sharing and a richer experience than text alone. Participation in the Emerging Growth Conference is certainly a good idea for most public companies as part of an overall commitment to reach out to shareholders, whether existing or prospective.

Eric Lehner

Chairman- Winning Brands / GestureTek Media.

On behalf of the QSAM team, thank you for including us in the conference today. We enjoyed presenting, and we have had really positive feedback already from our shareholders and some potential investors.

Chris Nelson

General Counsel – QSAM Biociences, Inc.

My experience on the Emerging Growth Conference was excellent and I felt the staff was helping me with the presentation and the total event. Ana did a great job with the introduction and I will definitely provide updates going forward with our Secure Video Conference Platform.

Mark Kay

CEO – Zerify, Inc.

Being in the entertainment business, Big Screen understands that it's all about the audience - and presenting at the Emerging Growth Conference gives us the opportunity to share our story with many of the most sharp, savvy and switched on minds in the investment community. What a pleasure and privilege to outline our exciting growth plans with the smartest crowd online.

Sandro Monetti

COO – Big Screen Entertainment Group

The Emerging Growth Conferences allow ICD to reach a wide audience base in an efficient and organized manner. We always appreciate the ease at which EGC’s professional staff executes each conference and provides timely feedback on participants and subsequent outreach.

Philip A. Choyce

EVP & CFO – Independence Contract Drilling

We had a very nice experience. I was impressed with the number of audience questions, and I appreciate that you allowed us to extend our presentation for an additional 10 minutes.

Benjamin Hackman

Head of IR – Spire Global, Inc.

Giga Metals enjoyed the conference and thought the audience questions were quite good.

Holly Millar

Director & Corporate Communications – Giga Metals Corp

For me it was the first time I have presented without a live audience, so it was somewhat strange, however when we started getting questions from the audience I felt comfortable that we had at least done a reasonable job presenting.

Anthony Anish

CFO – Star Alliance International Corp.

I really liked making this presentation. Ana was very nice and easy to work with and Ryan was very helpful getting everything setup. The feedback and questions I got were very good and helped me to get the important points across. Looking forward to next time.

Jason Braverman


Our participation in the Emerging Growth Conference was an exciting opportunity to showcase our company to potential investors and generate buzz around our business. The event provided valuable exposure and we are confident about the possibilities it could bring for our future growth and success.

Shahar Hania

CEO & Co-Founder – Rail Vision, Ltd.

We will continue to participate in EGC Conferences which we’ve found to be well-organized, have a diverse investing audience and provide very good ROI

Chris Ackerman

Manager / Corporate Communications – Stillwater Critical Minerals Corp.

We are very impressed with the professionalism of the event organizers, especially from the Technical Support crew and our “on air” hosts. Emerging Growth is always looking for new ways to get us in front of new investors, and we receive positive investor feedback from every session.

Justin Meiklem

IR – BioHarvest Sciences, Inc.

I believe this conference has really assisted Regen in getting its message out to its shareholders, potential investors and Big Pharma. Looking forward to continuing in 2023.

David Koos

President, CEO – Regen BioPharma, Inc.

We have been on 3 times – This is one of the most professional, problem-free and seamless virtual conferences at which we present.

Peter Clausi

VP Capital Markets, Director – Silver Bullet Mines