Sunday, April 18, 2021

5 Tips for Managing Your Cryptocurrency Like a Pro

Cryptocurrency has seen a massive spike in popularity recently, but you might still have a feeling that you need to be a member of an elite club to really know what you're doing. Making mistakes can literally cost you thousands, and it seems like nobody knows what the rules are. Here are a few tips and tricks you can use to start managing your own cryptocurrency like part of the 1%.

Ultrack Systems Inc

It is up to innovative and imaginative companies to tap into the potential of the EV market and one such example is Ultrack Systems Inc. (OTC: MJLB), a company that is doing just that.

How To Stay Safe Using Cryptocurrency and Online Banking

Finances are an essential part of the modern human experience. However, the nature, and even the definition, of money is changing. Thanks to the proliferation of mobile banking and cryptocurrency, the concept of money is becoming much more digital than ever before.

How to Write a Winning Blockchain Startup Pitch to Attract Investors

The main problem is that the term “blockchain investing” comes with a stigma, particularly in the eyes of people who know little or nothing about blockchain technology. Unfortunately, some people still deem any form of crypto investing as a scam and reject any startup pitches.

CurrencyWorks (CWRK) NFT Platform Update

CurrencyWorks (CWRK) NFT Platform Update

CES 2021 Highlights Inclusive MedTech

In January, CES 2021 took the stage, showcasing countless new innovations. While new gadgets like TVs and phones were prominent, medtech made an impact....

Should Your Business Go Public on the Stock Market?

Running your own business is one of the most rewarding things you can do, but it’s far from easy. Sustaining your company requires capital,...

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction for March 2021

Launched in 2017, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has risen as one of the market's largest altcoins. Currently, with a market capitalization of $8.446 billion, it...

How Blockchains Can Increase CBD Market Traceability

With the rise in novel and casual CBD consumption, concerns have been raised regarding where cannabinoids are sourced, including their quality and transport within a country or abroad. In a global market, it can be incredibly difficult to trace production and dispensing of unregulated material, which has quickly become the case in places where cannabinoids and CBD have been legalised but remain unregulated by governmental bodies.

7 Bitcoin Rumors (Debunked!)

Bitcoin is a crypto currency that has been in circulation since 2009 and been a subject of fierce debate since its inception. Whether you are a fan or an opponent of Bitcoin, no one can deny its incredible success. Bitcoin has just reached over $130 billion in market value; and its success has put it in the spotlight for reasons both good and bad since it began circulation. Below are seven unfounded myths that have been circulated about Bitcoin since its inception.

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Check Out This Upcoming Player in The Tech Boom

Why is nDivision Inc. (OTC: NDVN) positioned to become the next high-growth tech stock to leave Big Tech in the dust? A $50B recurring revenue market (SMB, corporate and enterprise segments), Marquee Partnerships... like Microsoft and Dell.