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Emerging Growth Talent Services

Weather you need a Brand Ambassador to travel to conferences or other corporate events, or a simple voice over to your corporate media, we can provide a face, and voice to the products and services of Emerging Growth Companies

Brand Ambassador

You need a brand ambassador to effectively communicate and connect with people about your product or service.

  • Engaging customers at special events
  • Helping customers not only understand but believe in your product
  • Expanding your market
  • Put a ‘face’ to your brand for advertising and live events like trade shows and conferences

Spokes Person

You need help getting that extra media exposure to push your Company over the top.

  • Captures attention
  • Understands the audience
  • Attracts new customers
  • Live event host

Voice Over Video

You have a great corporate video, but need talent to sell it to your customers.

  • Describe the product or service
  • Explain the benefits
  • Provide additional context about the product or service
Exclusive Interviews

Did you just surpass a major milestone, or experience record sales or earnings?

  • Short 10-15 minute interviews
  • Broadcast and re-broadcast during highly watched events
  • Attract a new following in a short time

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