Wednesday, September 23, 2020

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What Would Happen If Bitcoin Stocks Were to Be Regulated?

To regulate Bitcoin, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will first need to define what the crypto-asset actually is. Some organizations, like the IRS, qualify it as property — like a home. Others signify that Bitcoin is a commodity. In fact, Bitcoin is more similar to a stock than actual currency.

A Guide to Qualified Small Business Stocks (QSBS) for Entrepreneurs

Qualified small business stocks (QSBS) are investment opportunities for enterprises to save with tax exclusions. These stocks consist of the initial purchase, aging and then the final sale where business owners can receive up to $10 million in tax exclusions or 10 times your tax basis.

Why Visa Is Partnering with Crypto Lender, Cred

Visa is an example of progress when it comes to integrating digital currencies. With investors always looking for new opportunities, and consumers adapting to the new norms of the tech world, partnering with Cred is a wise decision. It shows Visa customers that the company is serious about expanding what technology can do for banking.

DLT Resolution’s (DLTI) Vote YourChoice (TM) Secure Remote Voting Sees Strong...

DLT Resolution’s (DLTI) Vote YourChoice (TM) Secure Remote Voting Sees Strong Market Demand with its 6th New Public Union Client since June Launch

Filecoin Could Be the Ultimate Disrupter

QEBR (OTC Pink: QEBR) has 300 machines configured to engage the Filecoin (FIL) network. Based on internal estimates, each machine has the possibility to mine 358 Filecoin reward tokens per month. At an expected price of $22.52 per coin, QEBR, assuming no changes to the hardware count, could generate nearly $2.42 million in revenue per month.

DLT Resolution Inc. (DLTI) Announces the Addition of the Enhanced Feature...

DLT Resolution Inc. (DLTI) Announces the Addition of the Enhanced Feature Suite (EFS) to Its Vote Your Choice (TM) Electronic Voting System

Fetch.AI (Crypto: FET) Brings Confidential Data Collaboration to Healthcare

Since the dawn of the computer age, programmers and developers have long envisioned an era of artificial intelligence. Utilizing the massive capabilities...

5 Ways Tokenized Property Assets Can Mitigate Real Estate Challenges

Tokenized property assets have received a lot of attention lately, with some analysts asserting they'll change the industry forever.

What Will Point-of-Sales Crypto Adoption Means for Retail?

Soon, crypto adoption for point-of-sale systems may become the norm — and it could have a big impact on both retailers and the crypto markets.

How Blockchain Technology May Change Future Elections

With the 2020 presidential election coming up soon, questions and concerns are on the rise. The COVID-19 pandemic has left many unsure...