Monday, May 17, 2021

ASX Stocks

Stocks trading on the Australian Stock Exchange that could be considered undervalued and ready for potential move.


HIGHLIGHTS Field programs have commenced at Raiden's Mt Sholl (100% RDN) and Boodalyerrie (100% RDN) properties in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.  Mt Sholl Located 10...

8common (ASX: 8CO) Announces CardHero Launch Following the Signing of EML Agreement

8common has signed a 3-year agreement with EML Payments Limited to issue prepaid Mastercards through the company’s CardHero platformThe agreement with EML enables the launch of...

First Graphene (ASX: FGR) and the Race to Responsible Innovation

This is one of several reasons why graphene has captured the imagination across the full spectrum of the applied sciences industry, from the experts running research and development to the individual investor seeking to capitalize and profit from the next technological innovation. A carbon allotrope consisting of a single atom layer arranged in a two-dimensional honeycomb lattice, graphene is simultaneously lightweight, resilient and incredibly strong.

First Graphene (ASX:FGR) and the Potential Implications of the Electrification of Transportation

With the global push to research and develop clean energy technologies, several companies related to the transportation needs of tomorrow -- ranging from electric vehicle manufacturers to battery storage facilities -- have seen their market valuation jump substantially higher. However, one major factor that impedes mass-scale adoption of cleaner alternatives is cost.

First Graphene’s (ASX:FGR) PureGRAPH Could Make Hydrogen Energy Economically Viable

A fuel cell needs platinum for the catalyst that separates hydrogen into protons and electrons, which then generate the electrical current, making it an alternative to battery-powered vehicles. Hydrogen fuel cells are expected to be an important part of reducing global carbon emissions, though they remain expensive.

8common (ASX: 8CO) Announces Six new Federal Government entities signed to expense8 with total...

Five new Federal Government entities under the Service Delivery Office (SDO) of the Department of Finance shared services hub sign onto expense8Total Contract Values...

Rat’s Rant – The Thailand BNPL Edition

What's Hot - 4DS, SBW, DW8, GED, WWI, AVL, LRS & ECS What's Not - PBHWhat's Doing - BNPL Hump Day in Thailand To subscribe to this...

Weebit Nano Ltd (ASX:WBT) Moving forward on multiple fronts

WBT has successfully continued its development progress on multiple fronts, such as R&D and pre-production, despite the setbacks of COVID-19. This reaffirms our confidence in management’s ability and the technology’s potential. We continue to expect strong upside potential for this stock and reiterate our intermediate valuation of A$1.36 per share.


First diamond sale in 2021 achieves US$5.6m at US$1,198 per carat Highest US$ per carat price ever achieved by Mothae at sale Mothae to further benefit from margins earned on cutting & polishing

Rat’s Rant – The Russian Bomb Edition

What's Hot - TSC, FFR, CCA, DEV, CAV, RIM, MYQ, 88E, BNL & 3DA What's Not - NEA & BRNWhat's Doing - Thanks to the reader...

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