Where Blockchain and Cannabis Collide Lies Global Cannabis Applications Corp.(OTC Pink: FUAPF)


Miami, FL – March 1, 2021 (EmergingGrowth.com NewsWire) — EmergingGrowth.com, a leading independent small cap media portal with an extensive history of providing unparalleled content for the Emerging Growth markets and companies, reports on Cannabis Applications Corp. (OTC Pink: FUAPF). 

If you are a medical user of cannabis, knowledge is power.  

There is a company called Global Cannabis Applications Corp. that trades on the OTC under the symbol FUAPF(and CSE: APP).  Their mission is ״to understand what happens to a medical cannabis consumer when they use product A to treat symptom B at a given point in time under a set of circumstances״. 

Global Cannabis Applications Corp. (OTC Pink: FUAPF) has created a simple but powerful technology-based platform called Efixii, taken from the Latin 16th century “efficacy” meaning “the ability to produce a desired or intended result”. Multi interlocking advanced technologies aggregate data about the lifecycle of a medical cannabis gram and store it on a public blockchain. Under the trademarked (pending) Seed2Seed, the company measures and records genetics, cultivation and consumer feedback.

In November 2020, Global Cannabis Applications entered into an agreement with Purity-IQ. Purity-IQ and its uniquely fingerprinting process of cultivars based on a metabolite profile using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and DNA chip bioinformatics. Fingerprints are then verified on a batch-to-batch consistency, which is stored on the Efixii blockchain. 

Efixii and Purity-IQ can:

  1. Measures product purity 
  2. Compare batch to batch consistency
  3. Track through the full product life cycle 
  4. Attach consumer efficacy for each product consumed
  5. Provide an averaged rating by product a batch per symptom treated

“It’s all about starting with identifying genetics and then recording everything else on the immutable blockchain” stated Bradley Moore, CEO Global Cannabis Applications Corp. (OTC Pink: FUAPF). 

Brought to life in 2017, Efixii is a patent pending end-to-end technology solution of cannabis efficacy data. Mr. Moore, in 2018 spent seven months in Israel learning from leaders in technology and cannabis research, resulting in the Efixii vision. 

Global Cannabis Applications Corp. (OTC Pink: FUAPF) provides access to the medical cannabis data stored on through the use of a simple QR code on each product package. Users scan the QR code with their phone camera and all information regarding that product is available. A consumer version of the Efixii app can be downloaded to add information to the blockchain and earns rewards, driving more data and revenue for the Company.

Global Cannabis Applications Corp. (OTC Pink: FUAPF) believes that consumer demand for better product information provide by its data will drive Canadian-based medical cannabis cultivators to use the Efixii / IQ solution.

Prior to Efixii, data was mainly collected from clinical studies, which fundamentally could not guarantee that products produced would be the same as those clinically tested. Mr. Moore contends that trying to measure product efficacy without product consistency is a waste of time. 

To help medical cannabis consumers to make sense of medical cannabis products available, Cannabis Applications Corp. (OTC Pink: FUAPF) is building an online portal utilizing a machine learning algorithms.  Smarter consumers make better choices for themselves and demand cultivators use Efixii technology.

Efixii by the numbers: 

  • The cost to use Efixii for a CDN$8.00 cannabis product is CDN$0.20/gram in SaaS licensing fees.  This cost is shared between the cultivator, distributor and retailer. This amount is offset by 1) increased sales from consumer demand and, 2) savings from automating regulatory processes.
  • Data sales from submissions to the public blockchain, owned by Global Cannabis Applications Corp. (OTC Pink: FUAPF), is CDN$0.18/gram. The gross revenue on a per gram basis will generate CDN$0.38 for the Company.  Currently, the Company has a 2021 target of 32 million grams under contract between the licensing and data sales, which equates to CDN$12.2 million in sales.  
  • Global Cannabis Applications Corp. (OTC Pink: FUAPF) recently announced a revenue deal with Europe’s largest CBD producer for CDN$400K, which is approximately 2M grams. Follow on to this deal is the potential for up to 120M grams, or CDN$24M in SaaS, from this producer alone[1]
  • The Company currently has a pipeline of potential opportunities closing in 120 days, representing 195 million grams. 2022 Global Cannabis Applications Corp. (OTC Pink: FUAPF) is forecasting 122 million grams to be under contract. 

Through the implementation of advanced technologies to drive consumer demand for product accountability, Global Cannabis Applications Corp. (OTC Pink: FUAPF) is being propelled to new levels. 

[1] https://cannappscorp.com/2021/02/22/gcac-announces-0-4m-deal-with-europes-largest-cbd-oil-producer/

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