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A Case Study: Reborn Coffee Inc. (NASDAQ: REBN)

America may run on Dunkin, but before you know it, Americans may soon be running for a sip of perfectly crafted cold brew coffee...

A Case Study: Muscle Maker Grill, Inc. (NASDAQ: GRIL)

We have all heard the phrase “healthier for you” being thrown around these days. We all strive for it, but let’s face it, sometimes...

Nightfood (OTCQB: NGTF) Sleep-Friendly Snacks Now in Sonesta International Hotels

Nightfood, Inc. (OTCQB: NGTF) just announced that it has teamed up with Sonesta International Hotels Corporation to offer Nightfood’s sleep friendly snacks across multiple...

Which Pizza Stock is the Better Bet?

Global food & beverage giant Unilever (NYSE: UL), the world’s largest ice cream company, announced in March 2021 that they are launching a year-long study to identify how sleep can be improved through diet and nutrition. While Unilever and the other major food & beverage players are researching and exploring the concept of sleep-friendly nutrition, Nightfood is now establishing a national brand presence in leading supermarkets and hotels.

Should You Invest in Food Delivery Stocks?

With Americans combining to spend over $50 billion annually on nighttime snacks, and most consumers wanting better sleep, the Nightfood opportunity is not one to sleep on.

Which Leisure Stocks to Buy or Sell?

One company with ties to the leisure space that investors may want to look at is Nightfood (OTCQB: NGTF), the better-for-you night snack company addressing America’s $50B+ annual nighttime snack spend. With over 100 million snacks consumed across the United States every night, Nightfood’s sleep-friendly line of snacks is solving an important and widespread consumer problem.

Which Consumer Goods Stock is a Better Buy?

Nightfood was recently endorsed as the Official Ice Cream of the American Pregnancy Association because of its healthier nutritional profile. Ice cream is the first sleep-friendly snack format for Nightfood, but the company has stated they envision adding offerings in other popular nighttime snack formats, such as cookies, chips, and more.

Could These Stocks Be Worth $500 Billion?

Category creators are often awarded a significant valuation premium in the consumer goods space, and the category Nightfood is pioneering shows major growth potential. As distribution and gross sales increase, Nightfood can benefit from the consumer quest for better sleep as projected by Pepsi and other global snack players.

Which Undervalued Food Companies Should be on Your Radar?

Amid all the interest in night snacking from global food and beverage giants, Nightfood remains the leader in this nascent category that many believe has billion-dollar potential. Dr. Oz stated in October, 2020, “The single most underappreciated problem in America, in fact, the world, is sleep.”

Solving the Night Snack Puzzle: Nightfood (OTCQB: NGTF) CEO Sean Folkson...

Miami, FL – July 29, 2021 (EmergingGrowth.com NewsWire) — EmergingGrowth.com, a leading independent small cap media portal with an extensive history of providing unparalleled content for the Emerging...