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Emerging Growth Conference 68 March 6 & 7 - Register now

March 3, 2021


Crown Electrokinetics Corp. (NASDAQ: CRKN) is a leading smart glass technology company that has developed and is commercializing patented thin-film solutions, and the creator of DynamicTint – “We Make Your Glass Smarter”

Keynote speaker: Doug Croxall, CEO

NexTech AR Solutions Corp (OTCQB: NEXCF) is one of the leaders in the Augmented Reality (AR) industry estimated to hit $120 billion in 2022.

Keynote speaker: Evan Gappelberg, CEO

Treasure Investments Corporation dba Foundry Michelangelo, from its master mold collection of over 2,000 originals from 230 world famous artists, creates and provides fine art in original sculptures from small desktop images and collectibles to larger than life heroic monuments.

Keynote speaker: President / Mark Russo, Founder / Chairman

OriginClear (OTC Pink: OCLN) To say this company makes water systems is like saying Amazon sells books. OriginClear is solving water filtration problems at the municipality level.

Keynote speaker: Riggs Eckelberry, CEO

FingerMotion, (OTCQX: FNGR) is a technology company with a core competency in mobile payment and recharge platform solutions. It is one of only a few companies in China with access to wholesale rechargeable minutes from China’s largest mobile phone providers that can be resold to consumers.

Keynote speaker: Martin Shen, CEO

Yuka E-Commerce (OTC Pink: GRCVD, GRCV) is an e-commerce company dedicated to providing strategic sales channels for brands looking to enter or expand in the global e-commerce market.

Keynote speaker: Meir Avitan, CEO

Greene Concepts (OTC Pink: INKW) is an emerging leader in the global scientifically formulated beverage industry.

Keynote speaker: Lenny Greene, CEO

Luvu Brands, Inc. (OTCQB: LUVU) designs, manufactures and markets a portfolio of consumer lifestyle brands through the Company’s websites, online merchants and specialty retail stores worldwide. 

Keynote speaker: Ron Scott, CFO

Established in 1995, for over 25 years, the Bergio Brand (OTC Pink: BRGO) has been one of the most coveted brands of fine jewelry and is associated with high-quality, handcrafted, and individually designed pieces with European sensibility, Italian craftsmanship, and a bold flair for the unexpected.

Keynote speaker: Berge Abajian, CEO

Healixa, Inc. (OTC Pink: EMOR) is a technology company with assets in both HealthTech and FinTech which is marrying code and care to create exceptional experiences in Health Technology.

Keynote speaker: Ian Parker, CEO

The Emerging Growth Conference focus and coverage includes a wide range of growth sectors and timely market themes, including, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, scientific, medical instruments and therapeutics, biotechnologies, cannabis, food & beverage, energy and more.

Our conference serves as a vehicle for Emerging Growth to build relationships with our existing and potential clients.  Accordingly, a certain number of the presenting companies are our current clients, and some may become our clients in the future.  In exchange for services we provide, our clients pay us fees in the form of cash and securities, and we may currently have, or in the future may have investments in the securities of certain of the presenting companies. Finally, certain of the presenting companies have paid us a fee to secure a presentation time slot or to present generally.

The presentations to be delivered by the presenting companies (including any handouts of written materials) have not been approved, endorsed by or otherwise reviewed by EmergingGrowth.com nor should they in any way be construed to have been made in connection with the offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy securities. Please consult an investment professional before investing in anything viewed on the Emerging Growth Conference or on EmergingGrowth.com.

Thank you for your interest in our conference, and we look forward to your participation in future conferences.