PALM SPRINGS, CA — April 29, 2016 — InvestorsHub NewsWire — WorldFlix, Inc., (OTC: WRFX), is pleased to announce that the Company’s Chief Executive Officer and Founder has issued an update to inform investors on current endeavors particular to the App Farm division.

“Dear Fellow WorldFlix Shareholder,

We hold transparency and openness with our shareholders in very high regard.  Therefore, we would like to this opportunity to enlighten our investors on what we are currently undertaking. First and foremost, we want shareholders to know that APP FARM, a division of WorldFlix, intends to deliver only high quality software and proprietary apps. This is essential to understand, because this is a key distinction between our value against that of our competitor.

In today’s app technology environment there are over 3 million apps available for the two most popular mobile platforms Android and iOS. The numbers are growing constantly, as the number of people and businesses in to the App business increase. Most of those apps are significantly lacking in quality, and have a terrible usability, yielding a horrible user experience. In contrast, Worldflix’s App Farm division was created for the purpose of acquiring and designing top quality proprietary applications, as well as new revolutionary platforms for the development of cloud based gaming apps.

Recently, the company announced the development of its cutting-edge and disruptive technology Drobbits, on target to be the first and only game creation platform that enables not only game design, but also sales right through the iTunes and Android marketplaces. With a flexible user range that empowers anyone, from beginner to expert, this groundbreaking and revolutionary technology is expected to bring many passionate developers great success. By virtue of new technology and coding, Drobbits is creating something completely new to the market. For example: Drobbits expects to use the highly optimized Phaser game engine, one of the industry’s top HTML5 engines, delivering extreme flexibility and versatility; designed in an innovative format allowing for everything to be accessed through the cloud, with no downloads.

Another one of the Technologies being created by App Farm, is, Swantry.  This is an elemental app for parents and children to strengthen internet safety on their smart devices. What’s unique about Swantry, is the ability to accurately monitor children’s daily activities, without privacy issues. Other key features include keyword searches which signal dangerous signs of cyberbullying and texting about sex also referred to as sexting. The Geofencing feature provides alerts, enabling you to see if your child is still in a certain area. Also of critical importance is the new highest level of encrypted chat features which is fortified with an end-user chat technology that is literally unhackable, keeping both parents and children safe when corresponding with private messages and photo sharing.

Developing unbreakable security technology and great user experience through design and testing takes time, but we prefer to deliver quality to our users rather than speedy and mediocre solutions. We’re proud to say, that things are advancing very well and the technology looks very exciting.

App Farm has a singular mission. We will not put out apps or platforms unless they are of the highest quality, and have proprietary technology. We are not in the business of duplicating others apps, hitting the repeat button on other ideas or using templates to pump out apps that litter the marketplace. Although we realize this is more time consuming, possibly resulting in delays along the way, our focus is on doing it right and hitting the mark of excellence for an exciting and lucrative release. Shareholders of WorldFlix can expect Major Innovations and disruptive technologies that are expected to really have the Technology marketplace and media taking notice.

In summary, we are on the cusp of realizing all that we recently have strived to bring to market. What this translates to you, our loyal shareholder, is that we believe this is a golden time to be involved. Standing at the threshold, the opportunity here for growth with us is the most advantageous. We are strategizing for substantial short-term success, and positioning ourselves also as a strong buyout candidate as well. We want to thank our loyal shareholders for your continued interest and we are excited to be moving forward with you.” Stated Brad Listermann, Chief Executive Officer, WorldFlix, Inc.

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