What Job Skills You Need To Enter In The CBD Industry?

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The CBD industry is ripe for job seekers looking to develop a career in the booming CBD market. The growth in the industry also came with lots of legit vacancies that require skilled individuals to fill. 

These roles offer promising careers with relatively substantial wages. At this point, it’s easy to appreciate if you consider the fact that about $2 billion worth of sales generated from medical cannabis sales came from the CBD industry. With the potential growth predicted by many analysts, there has never been a better time to enter the CBD industry. 

However, you’ll need to meet specific skill demands to excel and make a great living at your new job. First, you’ll need a solid foundation based on the knowledge of CBD, its health benefits, and its different uses. Bear in mind that the varieties of CBD products keep increasing. And you’ll need to remain up-to-date to stay relevant. 

Below are some of the top skills currently in demand in the CBD industry. 

Top 7 In-Demand Skills Required In the CBD Industry

  1. 1.   Basic Computer Skills
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The CBD and cannabis industry, in general, is highly regulated. Therefore, employers in this sector will be dealing with sensitive information and entering data about products. For instance, if a customer buys CBD oil for pets, an employee may need to input this into a POS or state-run inventory. Hence, basic competence with Microsoft Office and other such software is necessary. 

2.   Time Management

The sales and customer-facing side of the industry rely on tight deadlines to meet customer demands. Also, the rising demand for NuLeaf Naturals CBD products means that employers expect workers to make the best use of their time on the job. Hence, you’ll need to manage your time to ensure maximum productivity. 

3.  Communication Skills

If you possess well-developed communication skills, this can be instrumental in helping you land a job. Several CBD companies state their need for candidates capable of communicating clearly, both written and verbal. From retailers, accountants, to budtenders, clearly expressing yourself in written and spoken English is essential, mainly due to documentation processes. 

4.  Information Literacy

Due to the ever-changing nature of the marketing trends and consumer behavior, some CBD industry roles require workers to have more than basic computer skills. You’ll need to effectively identify, analyze, and use relevant information to make accurate decisions. This skill covers effective search strategies and techniques used to evaluate different workplace scenarios to make the best decisions. 

5.   Legal Comprehension

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The rules and regulations governing the production, marketing, and use of cannabis and cannabis-derived products vary across states. The differences in the laws can make them quite challenging to understand. However, if you have a knack for reading copious legal details and digesting them easily, this is a significant advantage that puts you above the competition. Companies in the cannabis landscape value this skill because it can help avoid fines and legal actions that result from violations. 

6.  Workplace Passion

Like all other industries, companies are looking for people who love their jobs and are passionate about what they produce. The passion aspect of work cannot be bought, and employers want workers who don’t do it for the money only. Instead, they’re looking for people who will look forward to each day’s work. Some jobs in the CBD industry will not be your best idea of fun. However, if you possess an undying passion for everything cannabis and the healing effects of CBD, most companies will value you. 

7.   Availability

Typically, demand in this market can move from slow to fast in a matter of days, depending on factors like holidays, product releases, and sporting events. Therefore, employers usually prefer job seekers that can be available to work overtime when necessary. So you might want to show that you’re open to third-shift roles. 

Top Careers in The CBD Industry

Figuring out the best jobs in the cannabis space can be a daunting task. Usually, it depends on your level of experience. 

Some top roles are as follows:

I. CBD Marketing Expert

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The CBD market isn’t different from other industries in that it also needs marketing. But marketers have to be experts in navigating through several advertising restrictions. This means a CBD marketing expert may not use marketing platforms like Google and Facebook. The starting salary for this role is about $35,000.

II. Advocacy And Lobbying Expert

As a lobbyist, it’s your responsibility to inform politicians about anything cannabis or CBD-related and push for legal reforms that favor industry expansion. 

III. Hemp Farmer

Top-quality CBD products come from well-maintained farms. Therefore, the demand for experienced hemp farmers is currently very high. This position requires cultivation, growing, and harvesting skills, among many others. 

IV. CBD Extraction Technician

The extraction of CBD from hemp is a delicate process. Technicians in this role usually possess Ph.D. or equivalent degrees, coupled with lots of experience. A CBD extraction technician can earn an annual income of about $75,000 or higher. 

V. Budtender

A bartender’s role will expose you to several cannabis strains due to the large numbers you’ll interact with every day. This exposure allows budtenders to acquire vast knowledge and understanding of different strains and their unique properties. You can also experiment with these strains and enjoy some discounts on company products. 

Some other valid jobs include: 

  • Cultivation director
  • Quality manager
  • Trimmer


The cannabis industry offers a wide variety of career opportunities for individuals having the right skills. Irrespective of your academic and professional background, it’s necessary to approach a job search in this industry wisely. This is because the market is still evolving, and you’ll have to make the most of every vacancy.  

First, you need to brush up on your resume, analyze your skills for relevance and identify the specific sector of the CBD industry that matches your qualifications. Ultimately, you want to ask yourself how your experience, talents, and qualifications can enable companies and employers in the industry to grow.

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