Weebit Nano (ASX: WBT) appoints Eran Briman as VP Marketing & Business Development

Extensive experience in embedded IP & structuring commercial partnerships

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Miami, FL – September 13, 2020 (8:00 PM NY Time) (EmergingGrowth.com NewsWire) — EmergingGrowth.com, a leading independent small cap media portal with an extensive history of providing unparalleled content for the Emerging Growth markets and companies, reports on DLT Resolution, Inc. (OTC Pink: DLTI).

14 September 2020 – Weebit Nano Ltd (ASX: WBT), a leading developer of next generation memory technology for the global semiconductor industry, has added to its senior leadership team with highly experienced Mr Eran Briman joining the company as Vice President Marketing & Business Development. 

As Weebit Nano continues to engage with many potential partners and customers and nears first commercial agreements, a comprehensive understanding of the embedded Intellectual Property (IP) market and its business structures are key to ensuring the Company extracts the most value from its contracts. Mr Briman will play a key role in defining upcoming business models and structuring Weebit Nano’s partnerships. 

Mr Briman has extensive industry experience, commencing his career developing embedded Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) at DSP Group Inc., which later formed the foundation of CEVA Inc (NASDAQ: CEVA). As VP Marketing and Corporate Development at CEVA, Mr Briman was instrumental in growing the business to become the world’s number one DSP IP licensor. He was responsible for defining CEVA’s business strategy, its relations with key customers in the semiconductor industry, and enhancing its market penetration into various applications, including mobile, infrastructure, automotive, surveillance and IoT. 

He was also a key driver in CEVA’s decision to enter the Artificial Intelligence (AI) market, providing Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) technology with its DSPs. Weebit expects to leverage Mr Briman’s experience in this domain as the Company looks to commercialise its neuromorphic computing technology. 

 More recently, Mr Briman served as VP Marketing and Business Development at Corephotonics Ltd., an imaging-related start-up that pioneered multi-aperture technologies, and successfully licensed its IP into the smartphone ecosystem. With the proliferation of its technologies, already broadly deployed in most smartphones worldwide, Corephotonics was acquired by Samsung SLSI in 2019, and Mr Briman was instrumental in this acquisition process. 

Coby Hanoch, CEO of Weebit Nano, said: “I’ve known Eran for many years and I’m delighted he has agreed to join Weebit Nano. His extensive knowledge of the semiconductor industry in general, and embedded IP business models specifically, will be invaluable as we progress with our commercialisation plans. Eran has vast experience in setting up deals with the same types of partners and customers that we are pursuing. This expertise will enable us to structure more effective deals with these customers in the embedded and standalone memory chip markets.” 

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Eran Briman said: “I am honored to join Weebit Nano’s management team. I’ve been following the growth of the company for several years and am excited by the great potential I see for its memory technology in various markets and applications. I look forward to being part of the team as Weebit Nano transitions to commercialisation and delivers on the many exciting opportunities ahead.” 

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