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We now have a 2016 Republican Nominee. Sean Hannity explains why that for better or worse, the American people have chosen Donald Trump in the “ultimate blood sport”.

How we got here:

Indiana was the deciding factor.  Even though voters had seen the flaws in Donald Trump, they chose him anyway.  Ultimately there were fed up with the ultimate institutional failure of both Democratic and Republican governments.

  • 95 million Americans are out of the labor force
  • 20% of American families have not 1 member working
  • 50 million Americans are in poverty
  • 40mm Americans are on food stamps
  • John banner added 5 trillion in debt on his watch while Republicans had control and the power of th purse
  • US national debt is now 19 trillion
  • US trade deals hurt American workers & manfucturing
  • Illegal immigration 11-14 million illegals compete for jobs & bring down wages.

The People are fed up with Washington DC. 65% of republican voters feel betrayed. Donald Trump’s unfiltered mentality appealed, to the American People and they spoke.