• Vita Mobile Systems (OTC Pink: GMUI), A Brand New Public Company in Artificial Intelligence
  • Head up by Martin Wade – Current Chairman and CEO of Payless Shoes, a $2 billion retailer.
  • SnapChat, Inc. (NASDAQ: SNAP) may have to acquire this company to stay relevant


Vita Mobile Systems (OTC Pink: GMUI) stands to be one of the early innovators in artificial intelligence-powered social media.

Trading at less than a penny per share, Vita Mobile Systems (OTC Pink: GMUI) operates as a mobile applications company that primarily focuses on digital imaging and technology with it’s launch is scheduled for the coming months.

Of the gratuitous amounts of photos taken by social media users and others on a daily basis, an estimated 98% of photos do not get shared.  VITA takes all the content created at any event into the VITA cloud where it can be organized and found on a familiar and simple to use map of events.

VITA’s artificial intelligence algorithms will utilize all pictures and videos regardless of quality, to put the pieces together, creating a virtual reality experience for other VITA users.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning can simply strip out the people, use the background and all the other data points that creates a panorama of each event. It could also strip out the background and feature the people, or take the stripped out people and put them in panoramas as if the people were there.  This generates a festinating all new machine-generated content from the elements of people-generated content.

Social media sites such as Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ: FB), Instagram, Twitter, Inc. (NYSE: TWTR), Snap, Inc. (NYSE: SNAP), Alphabet, Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG), and Verizon Wireless, Inc. (NYSE: VZ) have developed revenue models generating over $100 billion dollars a year with only the 2% of captured and shared content. With the VITA paradigm shift in crowd sourced previously untapped content, Vita will generate not only more traditional revenue opportunities with picture and video page views, but also will harken in the hot new and more profitable hyper-local online 2-D and 3-D augmented reality advertising.

Snap, Inc. (NYSE: SNAP) recently launched the Snap Maps feature, which allows users to share specific location-based information and data. The app is designed to help other Snap users and friends meet up in real life rather than only on their phones.

The new VITA app is being described as a truly open network version of Snap Maps that will let you go beyond just your closed network of SnapChat followers, immediate surrounding and location. Instead, VITA will allow users in other locations to search around the world to see what is happening in other locations based on other user’s pictures and videos generated in that area. While the Snap Maps may be interesting for use among close friends, the VITA app is about using visual content to enlighten the entire public around the world.

About Vita Mobile Systems

Vita Mobile Systems (OTC Pink: GMUI)  Vita Mobile Systems is an app company focusing on digital imaging and technology in mobile devices. VITA, their first app release, makes it easy to illustrate, record and share life’s events creating an immersive crowd-sourced view of everyday life. The VITA community empowers it’s users to experience an event or view a location from a multitude of perspectives.  By using a familiar and user friendly map to locate images & videos, users can easily view content as soon as it is created and also share their favorites on their regular social media networks. Life’s moments are precious and worth saving. VITA makes viewing these moments easier, faster, and more engaging.

The Company will be led by an innovative executive team of serial entrepreneurs with 10 plus years each of successful venture experience in the internet space including Sean Guerrero (CEO), Kyle Kohler (CTO). This team will also be supported by a strong board of directors including Martin R. Wade, III (Board Chairman/CFO), Sean Guerrero, Colin Walker and Dr. Son Pham, PhD.

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