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  • SnapChat, Inc. (NASDAQ: SNAP) may have to acquire this company to stay relevant.
  • Beta Launch is expected over the next 30 days.
  • $30 million pre-money valuation


IRVINE, CA–(Marketwired – Oct 16, 2017) – Gold Mining USA, Inc. (OTC PINK: GMUI), doing business as and soon to be renamed Vita Mobile Systems, Inc. in conjunction with its recently acquired internet marketing and technology business, today announced that the Company is entering its final phase of development prior to its beta launch.

Vita Mobile Systems intends to secure $2 million in its second round of funding which will be utilized on final development and marketing of its new social media mobile app VITA. Based on the Company’s success to date, this round should be completed near a $30 million pre-money valuation.

Vita Mobile Systems recently acquired MR Processing, LLC, a business that has developed proprietary algorithms, traffic aggregation protocols and other related app and internet technologies, which have driven the Company’s valuation to where it is today. Based on the early success of these algorithms and technologies in generating viral and organic growth, MR Processing, LLC raised $150K in its first angel round of private financing and an additional $550K before being acquired by GMUI. Since the close of the acquisition, GMUI has secured an additional $130K of operational funding.

Sean Guerrero, CEO, stated, “We are extremely pleased with the company’s success to date. We now intend to secure our next and last round of funding prior to launch. We have been in discussions with various entities and intend to secure $2 million for final development and marketing capital in the next 60 days based on a pre-launch, pre-money valuation of $30 million. Other mobile apps and internet based social technologies such as Snapchat and Facebook grew early valuations well into the billions. Once ‘VITA’ launches, we anticipate our valuation to grow as well.” Mr. Guerrero continued by stating, “Twitter reportedly paid close to $87 million for its live-streaming app Periscope prior to launch, and its social media talent agency Niche ( The VITA app will have an even wider appeal with its truly open network and uncensored location-based content than those Twitter purchases.”

Here’s How VITA will work:

  • VITA’s proprietary algorithms will add pictures and videos to millions of locations throughout the world to create a unique location-based content engine. Upon launch, VITA will already have pre-loaded thousands of popular destinations and locations where VITA users can include their unique uncensored perspectives of those places by adding their own pictures, videos and personal comments. This will help form user habit of adding content to existing locations and also creating new locations/events, allowing VITA to exponentially grow both virally and organically.
  • “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words” This old adage is no longer enough to satisfy the voyeuristic media culture of present day. One picture is not enough to tell the complete story. VITA will compile the multitude of pictures and videos submitted to locations and events to provide a comprehensive narrative, giving today’s culture exactly what they are craving.
  • VITA’s platform will enable users worldwide to provide or view first-hand accounts and live updates of events as they happen, as opposed to blindly searching current social media outlets such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook or relying on a narrow media reporting of news outlets. VITA will make it easy to find and see a wide variety of pictures, videos and accounts from witnesses and first responders during natural disasters, tragedies and other current events.

About VITA Mobile Systems (
VITA Mobile Systems is an open network app company focusing on digital imaging and technology in mobile devices. Vita Mobile Systems is currently finalizing “VITA” for release on both IOS and Android. VITA is an open network social platform that allows users to easily take unfiltered pictures and videos that organically illustrate, record, and share life’s events, creating an authentic immersive crowd-sourced view of everyday life. The purpose of VITA is to allow users to experience events, places, landmarks, and more, from the perspective of the people that are attending, or are physically there. VITA is expected to generate not only traditional revenue with picture and video page views, but also more lucrative, hyper-local advertising as well as 2-D and 3-D augmented reality advertising.

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