As social media has evolved it has attracted more and more users.  Right now daily usage level, the amount of time users invest in social media daily, has grown to new heights.  According to Statista the average daily usage is at 135 minutes per day.  The next level of social media will be even more encompassing than where it is now.  It will need to push the boundaries of the very constraining social circles that we use for communication. The new VITA app, the first app release from VITA Mobile Systems (OTCPink: GMUI), pushes social media to a new level and solves the plaguing constraint in accessing information on social media that isn’t part of your social circle.  Think about how many times you search daily and find the real-time answer on a social media app, but you are unable to access it because you aren’t in their social network. The VITA app closes the loop by crowd sourcing news and information.

Another factor weighing on today’s social media is information overload.  Users have so much information flying at them that they are unable to process it, and have grown accustomed to simply tuning much of it out. Intelligent algorithms attempt to filter out the junk but, traditionally, do too much or do too little.  They haven’t found the magic balance. VITA’s solution to this imbalance is to develop a social network for the public that eliminates profiles, eliminates friends, and, essentially, breaks down all barriers to allow information sharing at all times.  In a nutshell, the VITA app has uncensored and unfiltered information for everyone to view that is organized and available any time, in real-time.


The VITA app is a community driven platform that allows users to take pictures of everyday life and post them as a living archive of location based content.  Users are motivated by sharing with this community their uncensored and unfiltered pictures devoid of the social pressure of taking the perfect shot at the perfect angle with the perfect lighting.  People are capturing real life, as they see it and posting to the archive.  Its crowd sourcing location based content.


When pictures and videos are posted using the VITA application, its proprietary algorithms create a searchable, location based content engine, for public consumption. With the growth of social media, it has become apparent that one picture is not enough to tell a complete story. There are billions of pictures that are taken every year, but only 1-2% of them make it to social media. VITA is after the other 98% that doesn’t see the light of day today.  VITA will compile the multitude of pictures and videos submitted to locations and events to provide a comprehensive narrative, giving today’s culture exactly what it is craving.  VITA’s platform will enable users worldwide to provide, or view first-hand accounts and live updates of events as they happen, as opposed to blindly searching current social media outlets such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook or relying on a narrow media reporting of the events.


The first baby steps of social media were taken by the social sites Friendster and Myspace.  Then Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) revolutionized and set the tone for social media as we recognize it today. Facebook modeled a heavy use of text supplemented with pictures.

Counter to Facebook’s social media model, Twitter (NASDAQ: TWTR) came along with its posts limited to 140 characters of text supplemented with pictures. With less thought needed to come up with posts and full description/caption, an increase in user engagement followed. Users’ posts, including picture-sharing, grew exponentially.

As imagery based posting became easier, Instagram took off, as the next app in the social media evolution, heavily weighted towards pictures and videos supplemented with a small amount of text.

While Instagram and Facebook posting has been wildly popular, users have to spend a lot of time selecting the perfect picture to post that captures the true essence of the moment. This selection process takes up valuable time because users are concerned that their peers would judge them by the quality of their posts.

This social pressure led to Snapchat (NASDAQ: SNAP) which allowed the user to take short clips of video and pictures, to create a story on a real-time basis.  Social pressures of selecting the perfect post diminished because the content disappeared after 24 hours as if the event never happened, and there was no history on the user’s social profile. However, even in this social media model, there is a constraint as the content is only available to friends and doesn’t allow the public to view everyone’s post.

VITA emerges from the EVOLUTION

VITA takes note of this evolution and integrates the successful tools within its progression.  VITA breaks down all restrictive barriers associated with posting, finding, and viewing content.  VITA allows a user to post clips and pics to describe large events or every day sightings for EVERYONE to see.  Easily found in a geo-located, Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) maps integrated platform.  Along with creating a powerhouse search engine catalogue for geo-location based content, this should open the door for VITA to achieve the most use and most volume of posts, of any other social media platform.

The VITA app creates a community of See it, take it, post it.   It crowdsources real-time live looks at live events happening around us.

Here are some real world applications of HOW VITA WORKS:

  • Up-close looks of the car accident around the corner
  • First-person views of the protest downtown and video of police handing the masses
  • A mapped brush fire that is inching closer to your neighborhood
  • A candid sighting of a movie star at the gym
  • Seeing an actual look at the construction project that shut down a freeway on-ramp
  • Pictures of a lost animal found in the street
  • Flash sales and daily deals posted by local store and restaurants managers

If you think of all of the apps that provide information on only flash sales, and lost pets, you can imagine VITA becoming an acquisition power house.  Consolidating the business of real-time information.Reasons for Enormous Potential

Almost all social platforms are built around the user developing their own social circle.  This foundation of a user-centric social circle means that most of the content is tailored after the image of the user and uploaded to make the user feel good about themselves.  Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram have all tried geo-location based content but it grossly misses the mark because those portals are in the “selfie” business, not the real-time, uncensored, see it, take it, post it business.

The VITA app is not just another social media app, it is the next evolution in social media where the crowd posts for the greater good of the community.

The defining factor is that the VITA platform is for public versus private consumption.  The anonymous nature of the photos makes posting extremely easy and will ultimately lead to more posts per user daily.  The true value of the platform lies in the data mining gathered from the pictures and user behavior captured during use of the applications.  The Company’s proprietary algorithms will be able to analyze the millions of pictures & videos shared daily, to interpret behavior, anticipate need, and satisfy the public’s growing thirst for immediate information.  VITA has the potential to be one of the largest disrupters in social media because it has the tools and consumer data that media and targeted advertising campaigns need. This extremely defined databank could make VITA the leader in Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality.

VITA and Twitter Synergies

One of the most frustrating things about Twitter is that the content a user is looking for is probably there but the user can’t find it because they don’t know the right hash tag.  With the VITA app all users have to do is geo-search the google maps integrated platform, weather they are near the event or not, and then view the archive of photos or the pictures happening in real time.  Google maps functionality makes it incredibly easy for the user to categorize pictures in the VITA platform.  It’s not hard to imagine the integration of the two platforms combining Twitters hashtag search, with the google maps geo-graphic search encapsulated in the VITA application.

There are additional similarities between the platforms because Twitter is a micro-blog platform based on random thought when events are happening.  VITA seems to be a pictorial or video extension of those random thoughts that allows users to capture events happening around them for posting on VITA’s public social network.

Twitter has been struggling over the past years trying to monetize its gargantuan user base estimated at 330 million active users as of Q3 of 2017.  In the same quarter, it finally delivered good news to Wall Street posting better than expected growth in international revenue, per user and strength in the video and data enterprise solutions. However, the underlying issue with Twitter still remains because there has been little change in the platform.  VITA could be the killer application Twitter has been looking for because it enhances their exposure in pictures and videos and has the right application to drive user engagement to new levels allowing them to charge their advertisers more.  If integrated correctly, the VITA media could be Tweeted with the geo location embedded in the Tweet.  Twitter user can then see what visual media is available around their current location without having to ‘FOLLOW’ the right people or having to rely on their actual network for updates.  The VITA tools would optimize Twitter to act like a local drone which allows a user to view updates within proximity of their location.  VITA would also instantly make Twitter an aggregator of valuable meta-tagged big data and open for them, a new revenue stream in hyper-local advertising.  The fusion of VITA and Twitter seem to be a natural add-on that would make Twitter better.

Market Structure

The corporate name of VITA Mobile Systems is still Gold Mining USA Inc. (OTC Pink: GMUI). The company has discontinued all mining operations and is only involved with development and testing of its VITA application.  The company has executed all the documents necessary to effect the name change and is simply waiting on regulatory approval.  From the quarterly report VITA shows $2.69 million in development costs on the balance sheet indicating a sizeable development project justifying the current valuation. The market capitalization is roughly $15 million with approximately 960 million shares outstanding of which 800 million are subject to a lock up agreement for a minimum of 30 months..  Further, there are only 79,472,792 million shares in the float which represents 8.2% of the outstanding.  Another interesting point about the structure is after a thorough review of the balance sheet shows no toxic convertible debt and any of the debt currently on the books was a result of funding in support of the VITA business.

Consolidation Play   

Facebook acquired Oculus for $2 billion pre-launch.  Google acquired Android for $50 million pre-launch.  The Periscope $87 million pre-launch acquisition by Twitter was one of several pre-launch acquisitions for Twitter in an effort to boost user engagement through adding ambitious startups reflecting their hope to increase users and revenue through acquisition and the addition of new tools. All of these pre-launch acquisitions were natural add-ons to these companies.  These acquisitions helped each of these companies expand their product offerings beyond their core platform.

Investment Summary

Investors willing to take a step back and look at the whole picture might realize that that VITA has the next big thing in social media.  VITA has a fully functioning app currently going through Beta testing.  The company has invested millions to develop this platform.  The share structure is very accommodative and its thin market depth makes it a perfect candidate for price appreciation.  An argument can be made that VITA is a possible acquisition target of top tier companies.  If the platform takes root, the data mined off the user’s interactions will contain valuable content that data corporations would pay a handsome premium for.  The platform lends itself toward multiple pathways of revenue generation allowing VITA to monitor the data and repackage it for media advertisers.

VITA Mobile Systems (GMUI) is a ground floor opportunity investment as Twitter was years ago before the Twitter revolution took hold.  VITA could be the single biggest play in social media before the obvious catalysts like the name change and the beta launch get this in the hands of the masses that take it viral.

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