Top Seven Universities for Blockchain and Crypto-Currencies


The rise of Cryptocurrency has been one of the strangest and silent revolutions in the business and online world since it first came onto the scene. Education has recently had to catch up to this wave of innovation, which stemmed from the idea that money had an intrinsic value, and that cash was not the only option. Universities all over the world, ranging from hundred-year-old institutions all the way to the newly developed Blockchain University have moulded and innovated in their degree programmes to help educate young minds as they make their way into this new and ever-changing world. Here is a short list of the top seven leading Universities and institutions of further education in the field of Cryptocurrency. 

1: New York University (USA) 

In 2014, New York University opened its first Blockchain centric course, “The Law and Business of Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies.” This course focuses primarily on the application and use of cryptocurrencies rather than the information technology and coding involved in blockchain. NYU students can also sign up for a course called, “Digital Currency: Revolution in Money and Payments?”, which focuses more on digital cryptocurrencies and online payments. 

2: Princeton University (USA) 

Princeton University in New Jersey offers a cryptocurrency and bitcoin related course called “Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies.” This course is offered by one of the most revered Universities in the world and looks into the basics and practicalities of Bitcoin and its future in the modern economy. This course is offered completely online, and addresses many important aspects of Bitcoin application in the real world. 

3: Stanford University (USA)

The well respected and revered Stanford University offers their own corner of the Blockchain market in their course called, “Bitcoin Engineering”. The course primarily focuses on studying how to produce Bitcoin-related applications. This Stanford course allows students a well-rounded introduction to Bitcoin and involves Bitcoin-related computing. 

4: University of California (Berkeley) USA 

California as a state is host to more than its fair share of world-renowned universities and is known around the globe for being a hub for technology-related degrees and its forward-thinking and progressive teaching styles and modern degree programmes. Though the aforementioned universities do offer individuals courses and parts of degree programmes which focus on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, California-Berkley offers a full-blown undergraduate degree programme in cryptocurrency. It also is host to many student and teacher led groups such as crypto meetups, as well as hosting talks, developer tutorials, and workshops focusing on the real-world application and information technology aspects of bitcoin and crypto management. 

5: Cyprus’ University of Nicosia in Cyprus 

Our first University outside of the United States as of yet for cryptocurrency-related further education. Though Cyprus is just a small island in the East of the Mediterranean Sea, it boasts the largest independent university in Cyprus; which not only boasts a large range of degree programmes, but also offered the first Master of Science degree in Digital Currency available to be completed online. In stark comparison to its pricy American cousins, the first course in the programme, “Introduction to Digital Currencies” is actually offered for free to anyone interested in a general intro to the world of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. 

6: University of Cumbria in the UK 

Though not quite as progressive and ahead of the curve as the multiple American universities who boast crypto-focused degrees, the United Kingdom was not one to be left out of the investigation into Blockchain. The University of Cumbria launched a free Masters-level degree course focusing on the ‘future of money’. This course explores the intrinsic and symbolic value of money and how that has led to the rise of Blockchain in the modern world. 

7: Blockchain University in the United States 

Never to be shown up, California boasts a completely Blockchain-centric institution in Blockchain University. This University combines robotic and academic instruction with hands-on Blockchain experience and investigations into the practicality and concept of Blockchain as a whole. This institution is led by the most prevalent and leading minds in the Blockchain community and is continuously ahead of the game in their research and programmes. 

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