The 10 Best Books on Cryptocurrency To Read Today


The development of the cryptocurrency market is driven by the development of innovative technologies and increasing digital investing in various industries. These days some countries already use bitcoin and litecoin as an official digital currency for conducting financial operations. The market is expected to extensively grow for the next several years as more and more people working in financial and related facilities are looking to simplify the online transactions for different kinds of products and services. For this purpose, large businesses create their own cryptocurrencies.

Knowledge about the cryptocurrency market is a high demand among people to be free and flexible in their choice related to everything in life like education, working, traveling, investing, and so on.

We would like to get you acquainted with the top books on cryptocurrency where you can find out about the history of the market foundation, its development and learn the working trading strategies.


Cryptoassets is the guide for beginners who want to become proficient in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. People who are willing to become experienced investors, want to replenish knowledge about the working investment strategies not to lose their money. Also, the books explain the meaning and usage of various cryptocurrencies as bitcoin was the first digital currency but currently, there is a huge range of cryptocurrencies like ripple, litecoin, cardano, and others. Cryptoassets give a deep understanding of how the trading market works and how it is expected to develop in the next several years.

Digital Gold

Digital Gold is an extensive and detailed history of bitcoin – its appearance, the foundation on the market, ups and downs of prices, etc. There is a little number of people who actually understand what bitcoin is beside it is a digital currency meaning how it is transferred from one account to another, how it is taxed and controlled by the governmental banking system. In addition, in this book readers can read about the experience with bitcoin ownership from the selected millionaires from different points of the world.

The Little Bitcoin Book

This book is considered to be a must-read for beginners in the cryptocurrency market. You will hardly find a single person who wouldn’t think of entailing knowledge about bitcoin and becoming enormously rich. So The Little Bitcoin Book describes the main purpose why bitcoin was created, the history of its foundation, and what real value it has brought to individuals as well as to the whole of humanity. If you are only at the beginning of your road in mastering the cryptocurrency trading market, then this book should be the first one to read.

Inventing Bitcoin

During one interview, Elon Musk, a person proficient in the trading market, was asked to explain what bitcoin actually is and he has found no direct answer to this question. However, the Inventing Bitcoin book is capable of converting the complicated term about cryptocurrency into an easy-to-understand and clear language from everyone, even those people who have never even heard of bitcoin. Perhaps, this book will not provide you with operating trading strategies to apply in your investment but it will clearly explain to you how it works and what it consists of.

The Bitcoin Standard

Due to the considerations of the major people, bitcoin is the intangible currency that makes it unexisting. However, those traders who got into the first wave with bitcoin purchases are now supposed to be millionaires. The Bitcoin Standard is another book that shows how this cryptocurrency operated and what real benefits and value it is able to bring to the economic situations of different countries all over the world. Bitcoin is not just a digital currency that you can pay with your online purchases but it is tasked with transforming the traditional banking system in general.

The Internet of Money

The author of this book aims to show readers that cryptocurrencies, particularly bitcoin, digitally transform not only the finance industry but help many businesses of diverse industries to become independent from investors and lack money for business development. The Internet of Money dives readers into the understanding of bitcoin not only from the technical side but from the social and political spheres as well showing its impact on humanity evolving. Bitcoin technology can be a perfect solution to problems in many areas of our lives, which these areas are – you can find out from the Internet of Money book.

How to Day Trade for a Living

This book has a little bit different directions as it is tasked with learning readers how to start trading from nothing. Far not all people are capable of finding jobs that will satisfy their needs during their whole life. Trading gives full freedom to become proficient in any industry you want with no limitations and money gaps where you control your life, not anybody else. Although, before investing money, you should deeply research the trading area and choose the most convenient trading strategy not to lose capital right away.

The Bitcoin Big Bang

The entering of bitcoin into a trading market has become a real revolution in the area. It has transformed the traditional digital payments and also introduced new opportunities for businesses providing lots of new highly paid job positions. The Bitcoin Big Bang teaches readers to distribute bitcoins wisely, investing them in the stable spheres. Here you can read about bitcoin from the very beginning of its appearance, its future perspectives in diverse industries, and the effective ways of spending this cryptocurrency.

The Future of Money

For the past several years we have been watching how the financial industry is being digitally transformed, adopting the latest technologies and modern equipment to provide smooth and secure services and a great customer experience. The Future of Money book describes the process of replacing traditional paper money with different cryptocurrencies taking online shopping to another level. Instead of clothes and food, now people can buy jets, business companies, NFT objects, and make other investments. Of course, trading is always a risk and traders need to constantly upgrade their knowledge and imply modern trading strategies.

The Scandal of Money

Money is a benefit as well as a curse for humanity. Money can buy us so many things needed for our well-being or for dreams to come true. According to the custom writing service Trust My Paper, in the trading world, there are different levels of traders just like in any other industry – some people are richer than others. Along with the benefits, cryptocurrencies introduced to the financial area created a high level of corruption and false accounting in order to receive as much money as it is possible. The author of the Scandal of Money reveals all these hidden strategies showing how politicians, financiers, and businessmen ruined the value of cryptocurrencies.

In conclusion

Before choosing the crypto exchange platform and investing your capital, we recommend completely diving into this topic, not just surfing Google asking what bitcoin is and what trading platforms are the best. Due to writing service reviews Supreme Dissertations, books, as we counted above in this article, are written by experienced traders or explorers of this area showing the real cases, sharing their own experiences, and providing operating trading plans for different purposes. Most online courses that promise to teach you everything about trading are mostly fake and are willing to take your money. However, well-reviewed books on cryptocurrencies will provide you with plenty of useful information at much lower prices.

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