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The feline has attacked CytoDyn Inc. (OTCMKTS: CYDY) nine times within the last 8 months in an attempt to discredit the company as CYDY shares have risen from $0.29 in December 2019 to a transient 52 week high of over $10. Feuerstein, however, cannot seem to admit he has been totally off-base for the greater portion of a year. His failure to analyze everything but the data has been his undoing.  It appears that the journalist has an eccentric animosity against CytoDyn’s CEO since he cannot dispute the science behind or clinical trial results of CytoDyn’s CCR5 inhibitor, leronlimab.

In a number of conference calls the CEO has openly stated his calls are open to all including the shorts. Feuerstein has been a noticeable no show yet has time to tweet during the calls to poke fun at the CEO.  The next attack is slated for Monday July 19th and we believe this will be his final one because he has used up all of his 9 lives.  The shorts have permeated the message boards painting a picture of this rift between Dr. Bruce Patterson and CytoDyn propping him up to be indispensable like Dr. Richard Pestell.  They will also find fault in delaying the announcement of data Tuesday affording them one final chance to prey on fickle longs.  The weekend interview with Dr. Been set the record straight but Feuerstein will do everything in his power to twist the facts.  The anecdotal data from 75+ emergency IND patients is overwhelming in favor of this drug working and the safety is beyond reproach.  Do not be intimidated by more Fake News from the likes of Feuerstein.        

The Hit Pieces

To help put these attacks in perspective and to see how Feuerstein has become a tool of the shorts.  He is a blunt tool because his reports are often dishonest or misleading stabs at the company:

1st Life – December 19th 2019

2nd Life – April 24th 2020

3rd Life – May 4th 2020

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4th Life – May 5 2020

5th Live – May 7 2020

6th Life – May 16th 2020

7th Life – July 8th 2020

8th Life – July 13th 2020

9th Life – July 15th 2020

Attacks Damaging STAT Credibility

It should be clear in this article that Adam Feuerstein has an agenda. Whether the agenda is motivated by big pharma politics or something more sublime people are starting to tune him out.   Many have called him a liar and they wouldn’t be wrong because each of these hit pieces is chock full of lies.  Fake news is becoming a real problem as people try to discern what is real and what is fake.  In these times, the track record of the issuing publication (STAT News) is very important to people and is getting clobbered by all the false allegations directed toward CytoDyn.  Investors tuned into STAT’s advice column would have gotten eviscerated had they shorted the stock when Feuerstein first recommended it. 

Coming Attack Could Mean  – Irreparable Harm for STAT

If STAT keeps its mouth shut they can avoid irreparable harm, but in all likelihood they will seize on one final opportunity before a readout to bash the scientific thesis.  The shorts got a good jab into the longs with the fake news report published by Citron Research which was disseminated by Timothy Sikes.  There have been many bear raids in the past months but this was the only one that recorded a profit for the shorts.  They were able to capitalize on the company’s OTC status to drive the price lower.  The company lost $2.6 billion in market cap in 18 min which is something that is unlikely to happen on the NASDAQ which has individual circuit breakers that pause the stock for volatility.  The company is expecting NASDAQ uplisting in the coming month.  The first COVID-19 readout is due Tuesday and by all measures it looks primed to be extremely positive.  The first COVID-19 drug approval could be hanging in the wind and hanging the shorts out to dry.  If positive the price rise could be epic and those recommending a short position ahead of the readout will be ridiculed and ostracized.    

CytoDyn Builds Its Resume

Despite Feuersteins frivolous assertions during this time period, CytoDyn has managed to:

1) ink a commercialization partnership for HIV

2) initiate a basket trial of 23 different metastatic cancers after showing very encouraging results in emergency IND patients

3) submit their BLA for multi drug resistant HIV

4) progress their other programs such as monotherapy HIV and grafts vs host disease

5) offer leronlimab to over 75 EIND COVID-19 patients in an attempt to save their lives

6) commence two COVID-19 phase 2+ trials

While this list is not exhaustive of CytoDyn’s accomplishments during this short time period, it does highlight some of the great strides the company has made.

Investor Summary

Typically clinical trial readouts are binary in nature but CytoDyn’s next readout expected on Tuesday July 21st, offers explosive upside with very little downside risk.  The stock rose to $10 and was chopped by a fake news report and has just started its recovery.  That price drop essentially de-risked the security and priced in a failure in COVID-19.  Should the COVID-19 results fail to meet their endpoint the stock could languish, but it’s unlikely to go down.  If the results are spectacular, the stock is likely to climb to new heights.  Based on the Gilead’s (NASDAQ:GILD) price movement in response to a potential COVID-19 treatment the stock rose $10 billion in just one day.  This translates into a $20 / share price gain based on valuation alone.  The video call with Dr Been over the weekend revealed a very excited CEO that very much believed in his work and had a tremendous amount of faith and confidence in the anecdotal results.  This CEO bet 11 years’ worth of his stock incentives to ensure a Samsung shipment of drugs in anticipation of COVID-19 approval the first week of August in order to be in a position to save lives.  Will the CEO be vindicated as the trend suggests?  The answer should be revealed in the next 48 hours.         

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