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By: Matt Rego

Integra Gold Corp. (OTCQX: ICGQF) is seeing heavy volume in the first hour of trading on May 18th, pushing shares lower by nearly 5%. Around 420,000 shares have exchanged hands early today, or around $235,000 in dollar volume.

The junior gold exploring and mining company mostly operates in Canada through the Lamaque Gold Project and Triangle, where Integra Gold Corp. (OTCQX: ICGQF) has five active drills. The gold company released an update on May 12, 2016 shows the company is continuing to find massive deposits as the drilling phase progresses. Integra Gold Corp. (OTCQX: ICGQF) began drilling on the Triangle and Lamaque Gold Project in September 2015. The following is a summary of the exploration results recently announced:

2015/2016 Exploration Summary

A total of 93,592 m in 203 drill holes was completed at Lamaque in 2015 of which 59,753 m in 104 drill holes was conducted at Triangle. In 2016 a total of 65,000 m in 159 drill holes have thus far been completed at Lamaque South. Drilling is ongoing at Lamaque with 5 drill rigs currently in operation.

The results announced today are from 28 drill holes representing 13,230 m. As of May 11, 2016 drill results are still pending from an additional 133 drill holes at Triangle representing 50,400 m, 12 drill holes at No. 4 Plug representing 9,350 m, and 12 drill holes from various other targets representing 5,400 m for a total of 65,150 m pending assays. Results will continue to be disclosed as they become available. Integra has installed additional core processing facilities and increased the number of shifts in order to handle the large amount of core sampling.