Rat’s Rant – The French Execution Edition

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What’s Hot – JXT, LCL, QFY, DRO, SHO, 3DA, TMT, PUR, AQD & AGH

What’s Not – MYR

What’s Doing – AGH (Medical Pot play that I own & like)  

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Good Afternoon,

Did you know that on this day in 1977 was the last day a person was executed in France.

Hamida Djandoubi was also the last person to be executed by a guillotine. 

Djandoubi was convicted and sentenced to death for the murder of 21-year old Elisabeth Bousquet.

What’s Hot  

JXT – Jaxsta Limited today closed up 270% to finish at 9.6c on $10m stock traded. The reason why they were up today was because they announced a strategic five-year commercial agreement with Songtradr to provide a bespoke tech-enabled revenue identification and collection service for Jaxsta Pro users identifying missing performer income from sound recordings.

Songtradrm made an investment of $1.4m via a convertible note, which may or may not have been executed by my broking mate King Arthur or sometimes known as the Midnight Shift or just Forest Gump.  

The agreement would see cash in the bank for Jaxsta while obtaining a new revenue stream & well done to Jackie & the rest of the team on what looks like a cracking deal.    

Some details on today’s news are listed below:

Jaxsta executes combined commercial agreement and investment from Songtradr for an initial $1.92M

Jaxsta Limited the world’s largest public-facing, dedicated database of official music credits, today announced a strategic five-year commercial agreement with Songtradr to provide a bespoke tech-enabled revenue identification and collection service for Jaxsta Pro users identifying missing performer income from sound recordings (“Neighbouring Rights”).

Additionally, Songtradr has made an investment of AUD$1.42 million via a convertible note. The partnership with Songtradr provides Jaxsta with a new 

revenue stream while also substantially increasing cash reserves to accelerate the product roadmap and revenue generating products including the planned transition to paid Jaxsta Pro subscription and the launch of Jaxsta Marketing Solutions.


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  • Exclusive five-year commercial agreement signed with Songtradr
  • Delivers an end-to-end integrated platform solution for Jaxsta Pro members to use Songtradr’s Neighbouring Rights collection service powered by Jaxsta’s global performer metadata
  • Incorporates an upfront license fee of $500,000 paid by Songtradr to Jaxsta (the “License Fee”)
  • Provides Jaxsta with 20% of net Neighbouring Rights revenues received by Songtradr from Jaxsta users adopting the service after recoupment of the License Fee
  • The convertible note investment of AUD$1.42 million will provide additional working capital to support the commercialisation of the Jaxsta platform and product.
  • Songtradr were motivated by the recent rapid increase of user adoption of the Jaxsta platform with over 60,000 members, representing 146% average month on month growth in members since April, and the partnership represents an initial upfront value of AUD$1.92 million
  • The worldwide Neighbouring Rights market is estimated to be worth a total of USD$2.6 billion 

The commercial agreement is a five year exclusive arrangement with an option for Songtradr to renew on the same terms for a further five years.

Under the partnership, an API connection between Jaxsta and Songtradr will be created that enables Jaxsta Pro members who have claimed their profile to utilise Songtradr’s platform and tools to initiate collection and ongoing management of this revenue stream. Songtradr will utilise Jaxsta’s music credits metadata to assist in the identification of uncollected royalties resulting from the performance of certain sound recordings on broadcast and digital/online media.

Since the onset of COVID19, many musicians have been restricted from their regular income from live performance. This partnership will provide the ability for artists and musicians around the globe who have performed on sound recordings the ability to claim previously unidentified and/or unclaimed Neighbouring Rights revenue.

The partnership with Songtradr and the establishment of this new revenue stream for Jaxsta and its data partners further validates Jaxsta’s tech-enabled mission of providing accurate credit for music creators and rights owners positioning Jaxsta as a valuable partner to the music industry.

LCL – Los Cerros Limited today closed up 126% to finish at 17c on $12m stock traded. The reason why they were up today was because they announced that Tesorito hole TS-DH08, the first hole of the Company’s current expanded drilling program, has delivered a promising start to the campaign.

The Tesorito hole is in the mid Cauca Porphyry Belt in Colombia and is a great spot for explorers hunting giant gold deposits.

These results demonstrate the potential for both deeper extensions of gold-copper porphyry and near surface high grade epithermal gold. 

Some details on today’s news are listed below:

Exceptional thick gold mineralisation from surface at Tesorito demonstrates large scale potential

  • Exceptionally wide gold intercept returned from Los Cerros’ first diamond hole (TS-DH08) at the southern Tesorito anomaly – Colombia
  • TS-DH08 returned 230m @ 1.0g/t gold from surface (uncut)1 including2 –
  • 18m @ 2.0g/t Au from surface including 6m @ 4.1g/t Au from 6m;and
  • 116m @ 1.38 g/t Au from 114m including
  • 74m @ 1.6g/t Au from 114m including 4m @ 3.18 g/t Au from 148, and 2m @ 9.58g/t Au from 176m within 6m @ 4.86 g/t Au from 174m
  • Gold mineralisation exceeding 1g/t Au now demonstrated by three separate diamond holes to exceed 230m downhole thickness, over an area of 300m x 250m, and remaining open in all directions. Previously announced results include3 –
  • 384m @ 1.01g/t from 16m incl 29.3m @ 1.9g/t Au from 136.75m in TS-DH02; and
  • 253.1m @ 1.01g/t Au from 2.9m incl 64m @ 1.67g/t Au from 144m in TS-DH07
  • Assays support interpretation of the cap of the porphyry core at the southern anomaly starting from around 100-150m below surface
  • Significant new development is the presence of primary bornite, banded veining and anomalous copper, indications of increased potential for copper mineralisation to develop at depth
  • Emerging evidence of scale and continuity of both near surface high grade epithermal and deeper porphyry style mineralisation
  • Current Hole TS-DH09 exploring untested northern Tesorito anomaly currently at 329m depth
  • The drill rig then to be moved back to the southern anomaly to further develop epithermal and porphyry strike and depth extensions

Los Cerros Limited, is very pleased to advise that Tesorito hole TS-DH08, the first hole of the Company’s current expanded drilling program, has delivered a promising start to the campaign.

First assay results have confirmed the encouraging results of previous drill holes TS-DH02 and TS-DH07 located either side of the recently completed hole, and further demonstrate the potential for both deeper extensions of gold-copper porphyry and near surface high grade epithermal gold.

Hole TS-DH08 (Annexure 1) entered mineralisation immediately at surface with 18m @ 2.0g/t Au including an interval of 6m @ 4.1g/t Au from 6m correlating to a mapped epithermal vein. Porphyry mineralisation with epithermal vein overprinting continued for 230m down hole before altered country rock was encountered from 277m to end of hole at 325.5m.

Of particular note, the drill hole is interpreted to have entered the cupola (porphyry cap) of the potassic core at 110m as evidenced by banded veining, UST4 textures and the presence of primary bornite, a copper mineral classically associated with porphyry gold-copper deposits (Photo 2), all suggesting strong assay results in this zone.

This was subsequently validated with intercepts of 4m @ 3.18g/t Au from 148m and 6m @ 4.8g/t Au from 174m including 2m @ 9.58g/t Au from 176m, all within 116m @ 1.38g/t Au from 114m. The potassic altered core is interpreted to be the cause of the magnetic anomaly.

QFY – Quantify Technology Holdings Limited today closed up 67% to finish at .25c on $260k stock traded. Just before lunch they were placed into a trading halt with the company announcing there was news of a proposed material acquisition on-top of being handed a speeding ticket.

I do have clients that own it, know some guys from the board and I hope for their sake this is good news and not bad as I have had enough bad news over the last 18 months that I really don’t need any more and will more than likely ring you and abuse you yet again.  
Good luck…….

Some details on what they do are listed below:

About Quantify Technology

Quantify Technology is an Australian-based company, focused on making lives better in homes, workplaces, and communities with their Internet of Things (IoT) smart home technology. Their qDevices replace standard power outlets and light switches and can be controlled by voice, app and touch.

Quantify has the opportunity to be the first truly mass-market smart home product because of its simplicity, the innovative nature of its technology, and its limitless platform. Its strategic priorities are to maximise sales domestically, secure distribution internationally and strengthen its platform.

She’s been a busy girl…….. 

DRO – DroneShield Limited today closed up 37% to finish at 20.5c on $22m stock traded. The reason why they were up today was because they announced they had received funding from the United States Department of Defense for targeted development of its DroneShieldComplete Command-and-Control system or c2.

DroneShieldComplete is an intuitive and feature rich C2, providing real time alerting, tracking and reporting information for native DroneShield as well as third party sensors.

Some details on today’s news are listed below:
DroneShield Ltd is pleased to announce it has received funding from the United States Department of Defense (“DoD”) for targeted development of its DroneShieldCompleteTM Command-and-Control (“C2”) system.

The section of the DoD, which has awarded the contract, is a new customer for DroneShied.  The funding was awarded through a sole source contract.

DroneShieldCompleteTM is an intuitive and feature rich C2, providing real time alerting, tracking and reporting information for native DroneShield as well as third party sensors.

The DoD is working with DroneShield, providing funding for an agreed list of feature enhancements, for a project expected to span over several months. Importantly, following that period, the DoD is expected to make multiple purchases of DroneShield’s C-UAS equipment, which would run on the enhanced DroneShieldCompleteTM C2.

Oleg Vornik, DroneShield’s CEO, has commented, “We are proud to be working with the United States Department of Defense, one of most demanding defence customers globally, on this project to ensure our DroneShieldCompleteTM C2 stays at the cutting edge of customer requirements. Further, this project underscores our leadership not only as a product/sensor manufacturer, but also as an integrator of fixed site and mobile C-UAS systems.

This contract is a material milestone in cementing our close working relationship with the largest defence customer globally. In addition to expected purchases associated with this paid development contract, further orders for other DroneShield solutions are expected as part of developing a trusted supplier relationship with this customer.”

Whilst the Company is unable to precisely quantify the follow up orders, it expects the orders to be material and will in due course provide an update on the dollar amounts to the market, when available

SHO – Sportshero Limited today closed up 32% to finish at 2.5c on $300k stock traded. The reason why they were up today was because they announced they executed a definitive standby placement agreement with Bahamas based Mint Capital Advisors Ltd for financing of up to $5m over a 3 year term.

Sounds like they got access to cash now and I plan on catching up with Tom the CEO next week to understand more about today’s news and what they got coming up given that they are not cum raise anymore.    

Some details on today’s news are listed below:

Definitive Agreement for $5,000,000 Financing Facility Executed 

SportsHero Limited refers to its announcement dated 21 July 2020 and confirms that it has today executed a definitive Standby Placement Agreement (SPA) with Bahamas based Mint Capital Advisors Ltd (Mint) for a financing facility of up to $5m over a three year term (Facility).

The Company’s entry into the Facility is part of its broader strategy in relation to the resumption of global football competitions, including the English Premier League and Spain’s La Liga.

The equity funding provided by Mint, which SportsHero can access on a discretionary basis as and when it is required.

In accordance with the Facility, Mint shall not be entitled to own more than 15% (increased from 9.99% – as stated in the Binding Term Sheet) of the shares in SportsHero.
Tom Lapping, CEO of SportsHero said: “We are delighted to have finalised a definitive agreement with Mint. This equity capital source, that can be drawn down at our sole discretion, provides the Company with great flexibility and strengthens our financial position.”

“Importantly, the Facility includes controls to ensure that shareholder value is protected and enables us to implement our growth strategy, just as football is resuming in Europe.”

“We are now very well placed to drive revenue growth, with FY21 looking to be a busy and productive year for the Company.”

3DA – Amaero International Limited today closed up 27% to finish at 40.5c on $1.5m stock traded. There was no news released today and nor has there been since Tuesday when they announced that the Company had expanded its machine offering and is now selling additional machines including the SP260, SP400 and additional powder handling ancillary equipment.

I own stock PA, clients too and like it just FYI.

CBF giving anymore else than ….s..c..r..ee…..nn

Some details on Tuesday’s news are listed below:

Amaero Expands Machine Offering with Launch of Two New Machines


  • Amaero has expanded its machine offering with the launch of the SP260, the SP400 and additional powder handling ancillary equipment.
  • The new machines add to the Company’s existing machine offering, which includes the SP500 and SP100, decanter, conveyor, autosieve and depowdering modules.
  • Designed as production solutions, the SP series machines feature rapid changeover and optimised powder usage with variable build volumes.
  • Amaero is a development partner and holds exclusive distribution rights for SP machines in North America and with the addition of the new machines, will have one of the safest, most cost/capital efficient and diverse ranges of metal 3D printers on the market.
  • Amaero offers packaged turnkey solutions including safety equipment, software, post processing, training, facility layout and process flow.
  • The Company also plans to further expand its machine line-up over 2021.

Amaero International Limited , a leader in metal additive manufacturing, is pleased to announce that the Company has expanded its machine offering and is now selling additional machines including the SP260, SP400 and additional powder handling ancillary equipment, building on the Company’s existing product line-up, including the SP500 and SP100 decanter, conveyor, autosieve and depowdering modules. Amaero acts as a development partner and holds exclusive distribution rights for SP machines in North America, and with the addition of the new machines, will have one of the safest, most cost/capital efficient and diverse ranges of metal 3D printers on the market.

The new SP260 machine has a build chamber volume of 250 x 250 x 400mm, and rapid changeover capability, ideal for producing components for the aviation, defence and biomedical industries. The SP260 is simple to use, easy to maintain, ideal for research and small scale manufacturing, and with the safe powder handling ancillary equipment is one of the safest on the market.

Similarly suited to manufacturing for the aviation, defence and tooling industries, the SP400 machine has a larger build volume of 400 x 400 x 400mm, and with its advanced technology, is safer and more productive than alternative machines of a similar size. Both machines feature a tethered build chamber for rapid job changeover and a bi-directional re-coater for faster production cycles, and also provide optimised powder usage with variable build areas, further improving efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Amaero International Limited CEO, Barrie Finnin, commented: “Amaero welcomes the new SP260 and SP400 to its line-up, giving our customers access to a broader range of machine sizes to meet their needs. Previously, Amaero had commissioned the SP500 and SP100 machines, providing customers with access to products at both the larger and smaller end of the scale. After the addition of the new

TMT – Technology Metals Australia Limited today closed up 19% to finish at 22c on $270k stock traded. There was no news out today and nor has there been since early last week when they announced the grant of Mining Leases M51/883 and M51/884 on 28 August 2020.

The Mining Leases have been granted by the WA Government’s Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety for an initial period of 21 years.

Their neighbours AVL who you would have read about last night did a pretty good deal yesterday so maybe they are punting these guys are next. 

I know the boss, got clients that own it & he has promised to sell me a cheap battery for my third wife as I am sure she will be driving something electric by then or certainly needing one.    

Some details on what they do are listed below:

About Technology Metals 

Australia Limited Technology Metals Australia Limited was incorporated on 20 May 2016 for the primary purpose of identifying exploration projects in Australia and overseas with the aim of discovering commercially significant mineral deposits.

The Company’s primary exploration focus has been on the Gabanintha Vanadium Project located 40 km south east of Meekatharra in the mid-west region of Western Australia with the aim to develop this project to potentially supply high-quality V2O5 flake product to both the steel market and the emerging vanadium redox battery (VRB) market.

The Project consists of eleven granted tenements and three applications (including two Mining Leases) divided between the Northern Block of Tenements (12 tenements) and the Southern Tenement (2 tenements). Vanadium mineralisation is hosted by a north west – south east trending layered mafic igneous unit with a distinct magnetic signature.

Mineralisation at Gabanintha is similar to the Windimurra Vanadium Deposit, located 270km to the south, and the Barrambie Vanadium-Titanium Deposit, located 155km to the south east.

The key difference between Gabanintha and these deposits is the consistent presence of the high-grade massive vanadium – titanium – magnetite basal unit, which results in an overall higher grade for the Gabanintha Vanadium Project.

PUR – Pursuit Minerals Limited today closed up 18% to finish at 2c on $570k stock traded. There was no news out today and nor has there been for a long time but another one that I own for clients and another one whose management I know and plan on catching up with soon. 

I won’t go into too more detail today but I am hoping to catch up with Harvey or Jeremy or someone from the board soon as I can as I do have clients that own it and I’m keen to know what’s the plan Stan  –  if either of you two read this today !!! 

Some details on what they do are listed below
About Pursuit Minerals
Pursuit Minerals listed on the ASX in August 2017 following the completion of acquisition of a portfolio of projects from Teck Australia Pty Ltd, which remains Pursuit’s largest shareholder.

Led by a Board and Management team with a wealth of experience from all sides of minerals transactions, Pursuit Minerals understands how to generate and capture the full value of minerals resource projects.

From local issues to global dynamics, Pursuit Minerals knows how to navigate project development and deliver returns to shareholders and broader stakeholders. Pursuit’s project portfolio is focussed on the emerging Energy Metal, vanadium.

In 2018, through compilation and interpretation of historical data, Pursuit applied for and was subsequently granted Exploration Tenements in Sweden and Project Reservations in Finland, covering projects with historical deposits of vanadium and extensive confirmed areas of vanadium mineralisation. Finland has in the past produced up to 10% of the world’s vanadium and is currently rated the number one jurisdiction globally for developing mineral projects.

Sweden has a long mining history and culture and was the second country in the world where vanadium was recognised as a metal. With its Sweden and Finland projects very well positioned to take advantage of Scandinavia’s world-class infrastructure, cost effective power and stable legislative frameworks, Pursuit is looking to accelerate assessment and potential development of its quality vanadium project portfolio.

With Europe rapidly transforming its energy grid to renewable energy, which will require large increases in battery storage, Pursuit’s projects are well placed to participate in the energy revolution underway in the region.

The best pursuit I have ever seen !!!

AQD – Ausquest Limited today closed up 17% to finish at 3.4c on $300k stock traded. There was no news out today and nor has there been since yesterday when they announced their Hamilton Copper project in north-west Queensland had been successfully completed with a total of seven holes for 2.098m drilled under the company’s strategic alliance agreement with South32.

Some details on yesterday’s news are below:

AusQuest Limited is pleased to advise that the Stage 2 drilling program at the Hamilton Copper Project in north-west Queensland has been successfully completed with a total of seven holes for 2,098m drilled under the Company’s Strategic Alliance Agreement (SAA) with South32.

The drilling program has provided an approximate 500m spatial coverage around earlier drillholes WD02009, WD02010 and HMDD03, which provided strong indications of alteration and the potential for nearby copper mineralisation.

Strong alteration from the current program was reported in drill-holes HMDD05 and 06 which were located closest to the earlier drilling, with the more distant drill-holes intersecting lesser amounts of alteration within a banded metasedimentary sequence. The cover sequence (Eromanga Basin sediments) was found to be ~200m thick in all drill-holes.

The alteration appears to be highly variable from hole to hole, making correlations difficult, especially given the wide spacing (+500m) between drill sites. The drilling program was designed to provide wide-spaced, systematic geochemical sampling of the Proterozoic bedrock beneath the Eromanga Basin sediments across target areas defined by aeromagnetic data, in order to identify potential ‘vectors to ore’ across the prospect.

Drill-core samples of bedrock and the cover sequence (~20m above the unconformity) were collected and sent to Genalysis Intertek Laboratories in Townsville for analysis. Assay results are expected over the coming weeks, at which time an assessment of the drilling program will be possible.

The Hamilton Project is located in north-west Queensland, ~120km south of the world-class Cannington mine, which is owned and operated by South32. Exploration is targeting IronOxide Copper-Gold (IOCG) mineralisation similar to that found at the Ernest Henry mine.

AGH – Althea Group Holdings Limited today closed up 11% to finish at 58.5c on $3m stock traded. There was no news released today but yesterday when they announced CBD products would now be available across Australia over the counter at Chemists.

Thank the Lord…….caution that wasn’t me !!!

Thankfully I am also a shareholder of these guys too and believe it or not I also know the boss Josh who has a call on tomorrow/today for anyone to dial in to that’s keen to know more about the AGH story. 

You got like 2 hours just FYI……

Some details on what they do are listed below & a big spiel in What’s Doing too as I like Josh and own some stock in case you didn’t know and just can’t wait for the call in a few hours.  

Althea is an Australian licensed producer, supplier and exporter of pharmaceutical grade medicinal cannabis and is listed publicly on the Australian Securities Exchange, how’s that for value add. 

Althea also offers a range of education, access and management services to support eligible patients and healthcare professionals in navigating medicinal cannabis treatment pathways.
 Althea currently operates within highly regulated medicinal cannabis markets including Australia and the United Kingdom, with plans to expand into emerging markets throughout Asia and Europe.


Althea goes above and beyond, ensuring patients are supplied with pharmaceutical grade, full spectrum, medicinal cannabis products. The safety, consistency and quality of Althea medicinal cannabis is ensured by its Seed-to-Sale* Certification – a strict quality management programme consisting of 509 individual steps used throughout the cultivation and manufacturing of Althea medicinal cannabis products.

*Althea’s medicinal cannabis products are currently greenhouse grown and manufactured by Aphria Inc., a licensed Canadian producer of medicinal cannabis and part owner of Althea.

What’s Not 

MYR – Myer Holdings Limited today closed down 18% to finish at 21c on $12m stock traded. The reason why they were down today was because they announced their FY20 results reporting EBIDTA down 42% to $93.5m.

Myer did not have a profitable FY20 reporting a statutory loss of $13.4m and the long term readers would know that I don’t like anything retail especially stocks that are in that space.

Retail everything is more competitive than this newsletter caper I tell you !!!  

During Covid over 10,000 staff were stood down and all stores were closed for majority of April and May which sucks basically all round but sadly at the moment with this stupid Peroni hanging around….

Such is life – try make the most of it I guess  

Some details on today’s results are listed below:

EBITDA1 down 41.6% to $93.5 million Implementation costs and individually significant items (post-tax) of $159.0 million Statutory net loss after tax of $172.4 million

FY20 RESULTS (pre-AASB 16) for the 52 weeks to 25 July 2020, compared to FY19:

  • Total sales2 down 15.8% to $2,519.4 million, reflecting widespread store closures; comparable store sales3 down 3.3% • Group online sales4 up 61.1% to $422.5 million
  • Operating Gross Profit (OGP) margin decreased by 85 basis points to 38.0% • Cost of Doing Business1 down $138.6 million or 13.8% to $863.8 million
  • Net loss after tax1 of $11.3 million
  • Implementation costs and individually significant items (ISIs) post-AASB 16 of $159.0 million, including impairments to brand names of $95.9 million, and lease right-of-use assets $37.1 million (post-tax)
  • Net cash improved by $46.6 million to $7.9 million at the end of the period; inventory was down 26% COVID-19:
  • During the pandemic, the primary focus has been on the health and wellbeing of customers, team members, and the broader communities in which Myer operates
  • All stores were closed for the majority of April and May, approximately 10,000 team members were stood down
  • Management demonstrated prudent fiscal management, acting swiftly to reduce costs across all areas of the business and preserve cash


  • During the pandemic, the primary focus has been on the health and wellbeing of customers, team members, and the broader communities in which Myer operates
  • All stores were closed for the majority of April and May, approximately 10,000 team members were stood down
  • Management demonstrated prudent fiscal management, acting swiftly to reduce costs across all areas of the business and preserve cash

Myer’s Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, John King, said: “When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit, as a Board and Executive team, we acted to prioritise the health and wellbeing of our customers, team members, and the broader communities in which we operate.”

What’s Doing

The Althea (AGH.asx) share price has started to move up recently which as I said above is great for me as I own a few myself and maybe just maybe the penny has dropped with a few others around the market.

I caught up with young Josh from Althea recently over Zoom sadly as he is in lock down in Melbourne and I reckon I coughed more on the call than he did, not sure why. 

Anyway some points I got from my early morning call are below and if any of you want to listen to the great man he has a call on in 2 hours and details to dial in are listed below.

There is also a research doc from PAC Partners and recent quarterly too. 

See you soon big J ….pardon the pun !!! 

  • Health Canada’s final approval of Peak Processing is overdue and pending (targeting $12.5m EBITDA in their first 18mths of operation) has to be very very close;
  • Althea’s My Access Clinics in the UK is fully booked till Oct (small but high demand) with a 94% conversion rate;
  • Althea’s Aus patient numbers are back (after covid) growing consistently (will likely grow 50-100% this year, massive tailwind) and saw revenue
  • e of $700K in July; and
  • Althea’s Aus business might get a boost on Wednesday, 9 Sept.  The TGA is likely to give an update to their CBD regulations; likely to move from schedule 4 (prescription only) to Schedule 3 (pharmacist only) and give a timeline to change (Feb 21 or July 21).  This would be big for Althea who are one of the few companies currently selling CBD products in Australia.

Plenty of reasons to buy.

CBD over the counter 2021

  • The TGA will look to reschedule CBD from Schedule 4 to Schedule 3, however the criteria mean that product must be registered: 
  • e.g. For example, AGH’s CBD 100 or BDA’s Medicabilis, would need to complete Stage 1 / 2 / 3 clinical trials, and then product could be made available without prescription (meeting product specifications e.g. blister pack and 60/mg dosage) 
  • The final decision is to be made on the 25th November, with the current proposed effective date 1st February 2021

Immediate Impact:

  • The decision by the TGA will make accessing CBD \ medicinal cannabis easier, however, it will take some time for Althea or others to bring to market a registered product. 


Investor Webinar – CBD products to become available over the counter under proposed TGA reclassification
10 September 2020: Australian pharmaceutical company Althea Group Holdings Limited (ASX:AGH)(‘Althea’ or ‘the Company’) is pleased to invite shareholders and investors to a briefing with CEO JoshuaFegan to discuss the interim decision to down schedule cannabidiol (CBD) released yesterday.

Details of the event are as follows:
Event: Althea Group Holdings Investor Briefing
Presenters: CEO, Joshua Fegan
Time: Friday 11th September 2020, 10.30am (AEST)
Where: Zoom Webinar, details to be provided upon registration To register your interest for the webinar, please click through to the link 

below: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_R12m0xdvRWSk_XbyHEWDKw
I’ve received a few questions on the CBD rescheduling process being run by the TGA and thought I would clarify dates from the official pages (as opposed to what people have heard \ read elsewhere) as well as what the intended scheduling means:
·         CBD is currently schedule 4 or 8 (the classification depends on the level of THC \ other cannabinoids).
·         The TGA is looking to reschedule CBD isolate products (+98% CBD) from Schedule 4 (Prescription Only) to Schedule 3 (Pharmacist only Medicine).
·         The end result would be that a patient would seek advice from the pharmacist and then be able to purchase a CBD isolate (98% CBD) product:

Key Dates:

  • The initial meeting for the rescheduling will be 23-25th June 2020. Final submissions by companies & industry bodies etc to the TGA are due 22ndMay 2020 (tomorrow).
  • The TGA’s Initial interim decision will be the 9th September and Final decision 25th November 2020 (dates are subject to slight changes e.g. a few business days). With the rescheduling becoming effective on 1stFebruary 2021.
  • It is possible\likely that this could take 2 meetings with the ACCS\ACMS, in which case if the second meeting was held on the 3-5thof November this would push the rescheduling date to 1st June 2021.As in the table below:
  • The current scheduling will require Australian products to be registered which could take 12 – 24 months.

Product Recommendations:

  • The CBD is either plant derived or when synthetic only contains the (-) CBD enantiomer
  • The maximum recommended daily dose is 60mg or less CBD
  • In packs containing 30 days’ supply
  • CBD comprises 98% or more of the cannabinoid content
  • For adults aged 18 years and over


The key companies to benefit from this would be those with:

  • Patient Access & Distribution
  • Manufacture & Extraction

Cultivation & Production.

Go Hard…………. but please stay inside most of the time when you are Going Hard 

We are almost there folks, stop fckn shaking hands would you and humping strangers in isolation while you are meant to be working !!!

I can do it and so can you !!!
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