Pura Naturals, Inc. (OTCQB: PNAT) is engaged as a specialty household cleaning producer, which absorbs grease and bacteria without buildup that is seen on traditional kitchen sponges. In addition, the product helps repel water, but maintain all the grease and grime that was picked up. Shares of the household cleaning company are jumping 45.02%, through afternoon trading on Thursday, May 18, 2017. Over the past month, Pura Naturals, Inc. has seen average daily volume of 99,062 shares. However, volume of 203,219 shares or dollar volume of $134,124, has already exchanged hands through afternoon trading Thursday.

Shares of Pura Naturals, Inc. are climbing today, after the company announced that it has filed a patent application for its new “Scupper Plug” product. The Scupper Plug is designed for the marine industry, which helps with absorbing oil and pollution from drainage situations. Overall, the Scupper Plug is used with the company’s BeBetterFoam, which is the proprietary cleaner that helps absorb grease, grime, and oil, while repelling water and bacteria growth. Here is the full press release detailing of the patent application filing:

Pura Naturals, Inc. Press Release:

LAKE FOREST, Calif., May 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Pura Naturals, Inc. (OTCMarkets.com Ticker: PNAT), using its BeBetterFoam®, has designed a unique filtration device for closed orifices and scuppers, and has now filed a patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark office. The new “Scupper Plug” product is used primarily for the marine industry but has many other applications as well. The Scupper Plug, sold under the Pura Marine division of Pura Naturals, allows water to freely flow through any orifice but remediates and collects the oils that tend to create problems in drainage situations, which are most often found on oil transport vessels, barges, tug boats, recreational boats, and even in swimming pools. The Scupper Plug device has far-reaching opportunities for any drainage pipe or opening where a water solution also has a hydrocarbon bearing solution. The device saves our environment in a practical way, unlike anything else. This device will solidly protect the environment and at the same time address and diminish exposure to pollution fines and penalties for the customers who put it to use. The overall economic benefit to the customer is expected to be very significant.

Bob Doherty, CEO, stated: “We are excited about the vast possibilities of this product. A more practical need exists within the marine petroleum transport vessels industry to control the oil residue from the transfer pumps and barge surfaces on those vessels. Various industries will benefit from this technology which will capture the contaminants we don’t want in our waterways and leave clear water to freely pass through.”

Along with its broad reaching uses, the Scupper Plug is designed to be reusable. Pura Naturals, Inc. is an EarthConscious® company committed to creating better products for a better planet, which includes products that are natural, renewable, and reusable.

About Pura Naturals, Inc.

Pura Naturals, Inc. has a household cleaning product that absorbs grease and grime while delivering unique soap infusion without harmful chemicals or the bacteria buildup common with typical sponge products. Pura Naturals’ foam technology was developed in response to the gulf oil spill. The revolutionary foam absorbs grease while repelling water and inhibiting bacteria growth and odors. The earth conscious company prides itself on its plant-based products made from renewable resources with no petroleum by-products. Further information can be found at www.puranaturalsproducts.com

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