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Publica (PBL), in just 24 hours jumped jumped $75231.58 or 6,913,905.05% to $75232.67. Experts in the industry agree that, Publica (PBL) is expected to trade as high as $82755.94 with a target price of $180742.72. PBL last traded at Kucoin exchange. Its High / Low for January 2018 is $75232.67 / $0.97.

Publica (PBL) first traded on November 19, 2017 at .2614.  It closed the year at .0974 and hit a high of $3.79 on January 8.  Yesterday however, shares spiked and currently trades at $75,220.65 at the time of writing.  PBL has 33.79 million coins mined giving it $2541.90 billion market cap. Publica maximum coins available are 33.79 million. PBL uses algorithm and proof type and was founded on 11/08/2017.

Publica is a decentralized publishing platform that plans to connect authors and readers. The publica platform will leverage the Ethereum blockchain to create the largest publisher, in which readers can purchase (with READ tokens) access keys for the literary. The content will be stored in a decentralized immutable storage allowing the publisher to have zero inventory and at the same time provide an platform with a variety of literary accessible.

Publica is using blockchain cryptocurrency technology to disrupt traditional publishing and help to evolve self-publishing to the next level.

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