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Over the past two weeks, the price of Bitcoin and other crypto’s have fallen close to 50%. Currently, mining cryptocurrency for the most part, is no longer a viable path to profit.

So how does one benefit in the space?

Square, Inc. (NYSE: SQ) is an obvious choice as it peaked at $101.15 back in October after it received the green light from regulators allowing New York residents to trade cryptocurrency on its Cash app. Since then however, it has given back 40% as of last Thursday and is beginning to show some movement in the opposite direction.

If you’re a believer in Square, as a second option, you can have a look at the January 18th 60 call options which are trading with less than $3.00 in time value.

If large caps and options aren’t your thing, have a look at GD Entertainment and Technology (OTC: GDET), up-and-comer in the transaction based crypto space. The company just released news that it has engaged a leading manufacturer in the space, Genesis Coin, to fulfill its initial purchase of Cryptocurrency ATM’s.

These cryptocurrency ATM’s can seamlessly multi-task between traditional money dispensing, purchasing Crypto-coins, and selling Crypto-coins.

More and more apps are being developed which reward users with coins. Whether it be Bitcoin, or Lympo, the app developed jointly by Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks to reward exercise with cryptocurrency, people will need simplicity in trading and liquidating their coins.

In addition to its ATM machines, GDET is also making physical storage of bitcoins on debit and credit cards possible. Presently, bitcoins are stored in digital wallets, adding layers of complexity for non-savvy users during retail checkout and other transactions. Being able to store bitcoins in cards and transact like you would with a regular bank-issued credit and debit card will disrupt the digital wallet space.

Earlier in August, GDET acquired California-based DreamCard. DreamCard offers solutions for custom designed metal debit or credit cards in the US. GDET plans to leverage DreamCard’s capabilities in card customization and storage in order to enter the market for providing cryptocurrency-backed ”white label” credit and debit cards. The rollout is slated for Q1 2019. This presents a tremendous opportunity to realize strong sales in the short-to-midterm, considering the pay card market globally is estimated at $2.7 trillion. Moreover, GDET is developing its own point-of-sale (POS) systems which will be GDET-branded and provided to merchants, allowing it to accelerate uptake of its cards.

GD Entertainment & Technology (OTC: GDET)’s recent acquisition of DreamCard, and it’s move to enter the cryptocurrency ATM market, could put it in the forefront of the space.

On the flip side, Riot Blockchain (NASDAQ: RIOT) is down from $46.00 per share currently sitting around $1.75 and continues to hit new lows.

Despite the current SEC investigation, Riot Blockchain generated $2.3 million in revenue for its recent quarter and remains one of the largest publicly listed miners of Bitcoin.

I wouldn’t expect much from Riot Blockchain any time soon. If the price of Bitcoin rises, and the SEC investigation comes to a positive end, Riot Blockchain could become a triple threat and not only flourish from these levels, but also begin to devour its competition.

Until then however, candlesticks are pointing to lower levels.

So, if you’re adverse to the risk of purchasing Bitcoin directly, where is the growth in the space going to be? According to GD Entertainment & Technology (OTC: GDET), it will be in ATM’s and the transactional side of the business.

Emerging Growth Report just released for GD Entertainment & Technology (OTC: GDET)

”In the imminent future, the number of merchants and consumers using bitcoin will reach a critical mass. To prepare for this future, we need to start building the infrastructure needed today. This is precisely what GDET is committed to doing, particularly in the retail space where millions of consumers want to own bitcoin and transact in it but don’t know where to start” said Mr. Anil, CEO GD Entertainment & Technology.

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