Premier Biomedical, Inc. (OTC Pink: BIEI) is engaged within the research and development of medical treatments for a wide range of human diseases. Shares of the medical treatment developer are rallying 13.33%, through early trading on Thursday, April 26, 2018. Over the past month, Premier Biomedical, Inc. has seen average daily volume of 7.47 million shares. However, volume of 3.07 million shares or dollar volume of $5,219, has already exchanged hands on the day.

Shares of Premier Biomedical, Inc. are rallying today after the company released a comprehensive CEO letter detailing of wide range of updates. The company notes that the recent FINRA decision to phase out trading of sub-penny stocks has led the company to initiate a reverse split. Management aims to conduct a reverse that will put the share price within the $0.50-$1.00 range. Furthermore, the company is planning a wide range of IR and awareness campaigns to help increase shareholder base. Here is the full press release detailing of the comprehensive update:

Premier Biomedical, Inc. Press Release:

JACKSON CENTER, PA / ACCESSWIRE / April 25, 2018 / Premier Biomedical, Inc. (OTC PINK: BIEI);

Greetings From The CEO And Staff At Premier Biomedical!

It has been a very busy and eventful quarter for Premier Biomedical.

Finance and Stock Performance

  • Recent actions by FINRA whereby they notified major trading houses to begin phasing out trading of sub-penny stocks has caused our principal lenders to threaten to eliminate their financial support for our company.
  • The problem for the company’s position was the issued and outstanding shares (those in circulation) represented approximately 70% of the authorized shares level. In addition, trusted investor relations/public relations experts advised us that our sub-penny status was a major negative factor to prospective stockholders to invest in the company. Our own observation was that very favorable news contained in press releases was ignored or produced no effect on the stock price.
  • As a result, we concluded that it was the best interests of the company and its stockholders to initiate a reverse split.
  • Reverse splits can be either very good or very bad for a company, depending on the design of the action. In order to ensure a beneficial split for our shareholders and the company, we instituted actions to elevate the resultant stock price to a level in the range of $0.50 – $1.00, significantly reducing our outstanding shares to approximately 3 million shares while maintaining the authorized number of shares at 1 billion shares. We may never need that level of authorized shares, but it gives us a substantial margin for potential future corporate actions, such as joint ventures, partnerships, etc.
  • Our trusted IR/PR industry sources advised us that this action could produce substantial upward pressure on our stock price as a result of significant product innovations, such as our new line of extra strength relief products, and new patent applications in the Biologics area, extensive media coverage, such as Uptick NewswireMoney TV, and New to the Street.
  • Last year, we launched our line of topical pain relief products. During the year, we experienced a number of set-backs to our sales efforts, namely prevented from advertising on Google and Facebook by their outdated terms of service that don’t allow legal hemp-derived CBD products to be advertised on their platforms.
  • Similarly, we were barred from selling on Amazon for the same reason.
  • Despite these setbacks, we managed to register nearly $100,000 in sales of our topical pain relief products in 2017, and plan a significant increase in 2018 as a result of new products, extensive marketing efforts, and direct distribution to pharmacies, healthcare facilities, the military, and the sports industry.

Business Structure

  • In the first quarter of 2018, the Board of Directors approved the addition of John Pauly to our board. His appointment brings valuable pharmaceutical retail experience and connections to our BoD.

Immunotherapy and Biologics.

  • Although a large part of our company has been focused on developing and managing the fledgling Pain Management portion of the business, development still continues in the Immunotherapy and Biologics sector with the filing of a patent application for a method to greatly reduce the aging process. This treatment process is an off-shoot of our patented extracorporeal treatment technology
  • We also issued a press release concerning a patent application for the use of lasers or similar emissive energy technology as a means to eliminate disease cytokines in an extracorporeal process.

Pain Management.

  • This past quarter, we shipped our first inventory of products to Health Warehouse for sale via their mail order pharmacy.
  • Carl Eller, President of the NFL Players Association, presented our Pain Relief Meds products at a dinner and breakfast held as part of the Super Bowl week pre-game activities for active and retired NFL players.
  • We sent sample products to the Philippines with Dr. Reyes on his trip there in February, seeking to elevate interest in our products. We are awaiting possible purchase orders.
  • Samples of our topical pain relief products were supplied to officials at the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) for evaluation as a possible substitute for opioid pain medications, thereby eliminating the addictive effects of opioid use. The initial evaluation has been positive and are continuing discussions to secure a possible purchase order.
  • This quarter, we made the decision to expand our product offerings to include a line of Extra Strength Products which have now been designed, developed, and committed to production.
  • The new Extra Strength topical pain relief products are the result of feedback from those with aches and pains associated with an active lifestyle, and those with higher levels of occasional or chronic pain.
  • In addition to our topical skin patch which contains 50mg of CBD (compared to our principal competition at 40mg CBD) we will soon be marketing these higher concentration CBD products:
    – Sage scented Oil-Based Roll-On at 200mg CBD vs competition at 100mg, and our standard roll-on at 150mg;
    – Sage scented Oil-Based Spray with 500mg CBD vs competition at 100mg CBD and our standard wintergreen scented spray at 150mg;
    – Sage scented Ointment with 500mg CBD in a 1 oz jar, compared to our current wintergreen scented ointment with 150mg in a 2 oz. jar.
  • These new Extra Strength products will launch at this year’s Fitness Equipment Expo, Sorinex Summer Strong 2018 event, in Lexington, SC
  • We are in the process of producing sample “Sachets” – small packets containing a small amount of our 500mg/oz ointment for people to try. These samples will be distributed through various sales channels in an effort to increase our customer base.
  • An integral part of our effort to focus on expanding sales and increase marketing efforts, we hired a National Sales Director and secured agreements with sales managers in the West, Midwest, and two in the South.
  • To support this sales network, we have developed a three-tier sales incentive program with a Sales Director, Sales Managers and Sales Personnel.
  • In addition to our sales network, we continue to expand our network of retailers and this quarter reached an agreement with Okeechobee Discount Drugs to handle our products.

Investor/Public Relations Programs.

  • In our continuing efforts to broaden our company exposure to the investing public, I was interviewed on Uptick Newswire’s “Stock Day” radio broadcast/podcast twice during the first quarter.
  • In addition, I appeared on “New-To-The-Street”, Fox Business, and “Money TV”.
  • This quarter, we continued to utilize the services of G.S. Whitney of Dallas, TX to coordinate our IR/PR services.


  • From the beginning, we recognized that we would never be able to raise enough money to develop an anti-cancer drug completely on our own and certify it through the FDA. We always recognized that we would have to obtain an established, large pharmaceutical partner. Out of necessity, our recent action to shelve our very promising anti-cancer drug while continuing to prepare patent applications in the use of lasers to eliminate disease antigens/cytokines and to develop anti-aging methodologies were intended to increase our intellectual property and to make us more attractive as a company to large investors/pharmaceutical partners.
  • Meanwhile, we have developed a line of topical pain relief products that are industry-leading. Our intent is to make this business self-sustaining in 2018 by supplementing our internet sales with a massive expansion of our direct sales to clinics, pharmacies, healthcare facilities, the military, sports industry, etc. We anticipate significant expansion of our direct sales force following the Summer Strong event in the middle of May.
  • We received several inadequate offers to purchase one portion of the company or the other, but we believe that it is not in the best interests of the company, or the stockholders, to split the company at this time. We were concerned about the current dilution of the company and have implemented actions to increase our stock price, re-establish our position as an OTCQB market company, and make it more attractive to investors, both large and small.
  • We believe that the current and planned product mix in the topical pain relief business offers an excellent alternative to dangerous opioid pain killers. Nationally published statistics indicate that about 200 people per day are dying from complications linked to opioid drug use. We intend to investigate contact with state and national government administrations to promote our products as a viable alternative to opioids.
  • I can personally attest to the effectiveness of these new extra strength topical pain relief products in relieving my own pain. Testimonies from other satisfied users of our current products can be found on our website,

About Premier Biomedical, Inc.

Premier Biomedical, Inc. (OTC PINK: BIEI) is a research-based publicly traded company that intends to discover and develop medical treatments for a wide range of diseases in humans. Premier has obtained, via exclusive license agreements, the technology behind three granted US Patents, multiple pending provisional patents. Founded in 2010, Premier has partnered with the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP). In 2016, the company began developing a line of all-natural pain relief products which they began selling in early 2017 to address the rising opioid addiction problem. The company’s R&D efforts are centered in El Paso, TX, and their business offices are in Western Pennsylvania. The Company is a fully-reporting issuer whose common stock trades on the OTC marketplace maintained by OTC Markets Group, Inc. under the ticker symbol “BIEI.” For more information please visit our website:

Safe Harbor Notice

Certain statements contained herein are “forward-looking statements” (as defined in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995). Premier Biomedical, Inc. cautions that statements, and assumptions made in this news release constitute forward-looking statements and makes no guarantee of future performance. Forward-looking statements are based on estimates and opinions of management at the time statements are made. These statements may address issues that involve significant risks, uncertainties, estimates made by management. Actual results could differ materially from current projections or implied results. Premier Biomedical, Inc. undertakes no obligation to revise these statements following the date of this news release.

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