The vending machine industry is getting a technological revamp! Years after basic vending machine services and food kiosks, it appears technology is about to change the industry and could bring along a new wave of growth. According to a study conducted by Grand View Research, Inc. in December 2015, the self-serve technology market is forecast to hit $39.07 billion by 2022. Driving this expected growth are advanced vending machines and kiosks, which will feature more user-friendly automation technology. Other advancements in the new self-serve technology market include NFC-enabled payment option, cashless transactions, remote monitoring capabilities, and other safety features.

One company that stands to benefit from this new age of self-service kiosks and vending machines is One Step Vending Corp (OTC Pink: KOSK).


Overview: One Step Vending Corp (OTC Pink: KOSK)

San Diego-based, One Step Vending Corp (OTC Pink: KOSK) is a holding company that acquires disruptive businesses and niche markets.  Among its subsidies is CRS-Micro Markets, which offers a lineup of self-serve mobile vending units and Micro Market automated markets.

CRS Mobile Vending is designed to provide top of the line automated vending experience to small and medium-sized companies. The vending machine feature snack options, ability to provide quick & easy meals around the clock, ability to provide hot or cold drinks, and the secure payment self-checkout.

Picture2CRS’s SD Micro Market service essentially is a replacement of on-site catering and casual corporate dining options in favor of a fresh market that uses the grab-and-go concept and is completed automated. The SD Micro Market is capable of producing gourmet meals and healthy snacks, while maintaining safety, quickness and convenience. Customers can then use PCI-compliant systems to use their credit card or employee key card for payment.

KOSK: Recent Developments

In June 2016, One Step Vending Corp (OTC Pink: KOSK) announced that its Picture3subsidiary, CRS-Micro Markets had made a deal with Biomed Realty Trust. The deal states that CRS-Micro Markets will install one of its unique Micro Market kiosk at Biomed Realty Trust’s San Diego, California office. The office employs over 100 people and is a great opportunity for One Step Vending Corp (OTC Pink: KOSK) to begin installing other Micro Market kiosks in businesses across the San Diego, CA area.

Over the past year, CRS-Micro Markets has supplied over 150,000 units to customers, translating to sales growth of 230%.

KOSK: 1st Quarter Earnings and Analysis of Financials

During the first quarter of 2016, One Step Vending Corp (OTC Pink: KOSK) reported revenue of $44,853, but a net loss of $8,144. Furthermore, the company reported total assets of $406,657 and total liabilities & stockholders’ equity of $406,657.


One Step Vending Corp (OTC Pink: KOSK) listed 250 million authorized shares and 155.8 million shares outstanding, as of December 2015. In addition, the company listed the share float at 29.9 million shares, as of July 2015.

Overall, One Step Vending Corp (OTC Pink: KOSK) continues to see strong growth from its CRS-Micro Market subsidiary and its position in the next generation of automated vending machines and fresh, gourmet micro markets. While the company is only doing business in San Diego, California right now, the concept continues to show growth and promise, as technology finally gives the on-site cafeteria experience and traditional vending machine experience a needed update. Once One Step Vending Corp (OTC Pink: KOSK) is able to obtain further funding to support growth and expansion of CRS-Micro Markets’ operations, the company could see its market cap significantly increase and certainly more-than-double if operations are able to be successfully expanded to other areas of the country.



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