HOLLYWOOD, CA–(Marketwired – May 2, 2017) – nFüsz, Inc. ( OTCQB : FUSZ ), (formerly bBooth) the Hollywood-based digital technology company, is pleased to announce the continued expansion of its senior executive team to include notable NASA projects engineer Mohammad Amanullah, who joins nFüsz as Director of Broadcast & Government Applications and a Member of its Advisory Board. In his new role, Mr. Amanullah will lead the Company’s Interactive Video Broadcast & Government product strategy and related customer acquisition initiatives.

Prior to joining nFüsz, Mr. Amanullah served as Senior Hardware Engineer for Lockheed Martin Corporation at Johnson Space Center in Houston responsible for video system design and development for NASA’s Mission Control Center (MCC), including the MCCS, MCC-21 and the International Space Station (ISS). As video lead for NASA’s MCC-21 and ISS programs, Mr. Amanullah redesigned the video systems and was the training coordinator for the platform engineering department.

With more than 40 year’s experience, Mr. Amanullah also held senior engineering positions at Ford Aerospace Corporation, where he was responsible for systems design and development, configuration, coordination, implementation and testing of the data, audio and video transmission for the Space Shuttle Program. He also held a senior engineering position at the US Department of Treasury for the U.S. / Saudi Arabia Joint Commission.

“We’re about to release notifiCRM version 3.0 of our interactive video-based CRM/Lead Gen application for sales based-organizations that seek a truly effective tool designed to help even inexperienced salespeople close deals — not merely track and report sales activity to management,” states Rory J. Cutaia, nFüsz CEO. “Because we intend to lead and not simply follow the interactive video revolution, we’ve begun testing a soon to be released platform to expand beyond CRM and bring our interactive video experience to broadcast video. Imagine watching the Olympics and being able to click on your favorite athlete’s jersey and buy it, or simply see his or her recent stats, without interrupting the action on screen. This capability and more is coming and it’s coming soon,” continues Mr. Cutaia.

“To execute plans of this magnitude requires bold, experienced talent. Mohammad Amanullah knows first-hand what it takes to be the first, to accomplish that which others only dream, and we are thrilled to welcome him to our team,” states Mr. Cutaia.

“I’ve spent my entire career at the forefront of technological innovation,” states Mr. Amanullah. “And I know very well what it takes to achieve it. I am inspired by the talent, dedication, ingenuity and leadership of this company and I am thrilled to be part of the nFüsz team,” states Mr. Amanullah.

About nFüsz, Inc.
nFüsz, Inc. ( OTCQB : FUSZ ) is a Hollywood-based digital tech company. Our proprietary next generation interactive video technology is the core of our new broadcast and cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products. We offer subscription-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM), sales lead generation, and social engagement software on mobile and desktop platforms for sales-based organizations, consumer brands, and artists seeking greater levels of engagement and higher conversion rates. Our software platform can accommodate any size campaign or sales organization, and is enterprise-class scalable to meet the needs of today’s global organizations. Our service is built around our proprietary ‘Video-First’ Notifi technology, which places interactive video front and center in all customer and prospect communications. We’ve re-invented what a CRM, lead-gen tool should be in today’s video-centric business and social environment. Now watch for our live broadcast interactive video platform that will redefine what ‘engagement’ means in consumer video consumption.

For more information on nFüsz, Inc., visit www.nFusz.com.

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