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From new channels, a new cruise, and even new technology, the longest running syndicated music radio network in the country is re-inventing itself.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, June 20, 2016 – Music of Your Life, Inc. (OTCQB:MYLI), CEO, Marc Angell, is taking the company to a whole new level by expanding the network into new genres of music, each with its own celebrity host. Branded channels such as the Malt Shop, Pop Rocks, Sammy’s Smokin’ Lounge, Rock-It, Cowboy Radio, Americana, Thelonious Funk, Surf Rat USA, Anthony’s Garage, Martini Time, Juke Box Saturday Night, Topless Tuesdays, Southern Fried Rock, and more, from rock to country, pop to jazz, and even a few sports and commentary offerings.

Using his connections in the entertainment industry, Angell expects to sign several top-name celebrities to host their own shows. Angell said, “Hosting your own radio show has become very popular these days, and there’s many celebrities in music, television, and movies looking to do so. The concept makes sense for all involved, the talent gains exposure to their fans in a loose, non-scripted environment, and we gain access to their social media followers.” Angell added, “We’re offering a similar model Sirius XM (NASDAQ:SIRI) used with Howard Stern. If you want to listen to Howard, you need to sign-up for Sirius.” “The same for our upcoming channels. If you want to listen to one of our celebrity hosts, you’ll need to sign-up for our new monthly fee-based subscription service to listen to their show.”

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In addition to the programming developments, Music of Your Life is back in the cruise business, having partnered with Paradise Travel and Princess Cruises, owned by Carnival Corporation, (NYSE:CCL) for a June 2017 Listener Appreciation Cruise. Singers Tony DeSare and Steve March-Torme have both signed-on as entertainers for the exclusive Music of Your Life cruise to Alaska. The company is currently airing commercials for the cruise on its radio network and will be placing spots with other radio stations in Los Angeles. There’s also a promo video at

The Music of Your Life collaboration with Time Life continues with two infomercials running on television stations across the country promoting CD box set compilations. Country Music of Your Life featuring Charlie Pride and Crystal Gayle has been airing for nearly a year, and the Music of Your Life Collection featuring Peter Marshall and Debbie Boone was re-introduced this year after selling more than a million CD’s a few years ago.

Music of Your Life has been broadcasting non-stop since 1978 when record and jingle producer Al Ham, created the match-flow sequencing approach to playing music, and hand delivered his concept to AM radio stations on reel-to-reel tape. Al was also one of the first people to use branding for an audio service. Within the United States Patent and Trademark office files is the second ever trademarked “jingle” – “The dreams we share we’ll always remember, remember with the Music of Your Life”, sung with a full choir and backed by an orchestra. After nearly 40-years, the audio clip remains in the government’s archives. The jingle was then immortalized by a very young Tony Bennett and Peggy Lee, each adding their signature style to the 10-second tune. The original Tony Bennett version was filmed for a radio station and can be found on the company’s website. The only audio trademark issued prior to Music of Your Life’s is the 3-note NBC chimes.

Al was also a pioneer in the cross-branding of music when he made a deal with CBS Records in the early 1980’s for a series of Music of Your Life records and tapes. You can still find many of these LP’s, cassettes, 8-tracks and CD’s on eBay. But the man best known for his song, “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing”, which became a household tune thanks to Coca Cola. Al Ham probably couldn’t have imagined the state of the radio or record business today, whereby long playing records, or “LP’s”, would be replaced, thanks to iTunes, with the absolute opposite of Al’s concept, the individual song, not associated with a group of songs on each side of a record, or in sequence on a reel-to-reel tape. Yes, Mr. Ham, things have changed, and we are changing with them.

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About Music of Your Life, Inc.

Music of Your Life, Inc. is a publically traded company on the Over the Counter stock exchange, ticker symbol (OTCQB:MYLI). Music of Your Life is the longest running syndicated music radio brand in broadcasting history featuring the “Adult Standards” genre.

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