• Partnered with Amazon.com (NASDAQ: AMZN)
  • Over 250,000 Subscribers Added
  • 20% Conversion
  • Attractive corporate structure
  • Projecting $1 million per month in sales
  • Could be a Great Acquisition Facebook (NASDAQ: FB)

Life’s Time Capsule Services, Inc. (OTC Pink: LTCPD) just announced the launch of “MarketPlace”.  Read the full press release on Emerging Growth.com.

Marketplace, priced at $3.97 per month, will provide a substantial residual revenue stream with the highest margins from our suite of services. We are projecting a $1M per month revenue stream by the third quarter of 2018, which is based on our goal of 250,000 subscribers over the next twelve months, followed by over 500,000 subscribers over a period of 24 months.

Social media has enabled us to keep in touch with not only our friends and family, but also other people that may have similar interests. The social platforms available allow users to share information with the world, but not all information and content should be shared on the open networks. Popular platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and SnapChat, are made public for search engines to index. This then allows anyone in the world access to your profiles just by looking through search engine results.

Important: Life’s Time Capsule, Inc.’s (OTC Pink: LTCPD) symbol will change to LTCP effective November 7, 2017 effecting the completion of the 20 day period following its stock split.

The social media movement is far from over, as a report from Statista forecasts that the total number of social media users worldwide will jump from 2.46 billion in 2017 to 3.02 billion in 2021. However, current platforms do not have the level of security and privacy that some older generations demand for safe storage of family documents, photos, videos, and more.

One company set to lead this niche sub sect of the social media industry is Life’s Time Capsule Services, Inc. (OTC Pink: LTCP).

Overview: Life’s Time Capsule Services, Inc. (OTC Pink: LTCPD)

Life’s Time Capsule Services, Inc. (OTC Pink: LTCPD) is engaged as a social media and digital data storage provider, which allows users to capture, preserve, and share their digital legacy and sensitive documents with current and future generations.

Using a secure “capsule” with a private URL, users are able to upload priceless family documents, photos, videos, and other treasures that need safekeeping. Rather than being indexed into search engines, the secure and non-public capsule can be easily shared with selected family and friends. Safety is Life’s Time Capsule Services, Inc. (OTC Pink: LTCPD) number one priority, which is why the company has partnered with Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) to utilize their world-class cloud computing services. Unlike other cloud computing operators, Amazon’s network has yet to be successfully hacked, making its cloud one of the most secure in the world.

Users of Life’s Time Capsule Services, Inc. (OTC Pink: LTCPD) are able to access their capsule through the web and the company’s iOS and Android mobile apps downloadable here:https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/lifes-time-capsule/id873588914?mt=8


Life’s Time Capsule Services, Inc. (OTC Pink: LTCPD) maintains a strategic partnership with Halitron, Inc. (OTC Pink: HAON), which will focus on customer acquisition and growth. Currently, the company has several hundred thousands of customer information that could help convert into future sales. These contacts and lists will continue to be leveraged moving forward.

LTCP: Recent News and Updates

The company has been fairly busy in recent months, as a new management team has been put in place to help implement the necessary growth plans.

In July 2017, Life’s Time Capsule Services, Inc. (OTC Pink: LTCPD) announced it had purchased two brands owned by Halitron, Inc.: Archival Photo Pages and Archival Museum Supplies. The deal was a stock transaction valued at $3 million.

In August 2017, the company announced that it has appointed Frank Brady as the CEO of Life’s Time Capsule Services, Inc. (OTC Pink: LTCPD). Mr. Brady is the ideal leader of the company, as he helped develop the digital capsule asset. Furthermore, Mr. Brady has over 20 years of experience building and maintaining profitable businesses.

Upon appointment, Mr. Brady stated “I am excited about rebooting the Company with a top-flight development team that has redesigned our system, aligned our network with Amazon’s S3 cloud storage for maximum performance, and improved our UI/UX experience. With an almost bulletproof network, I can now focus our resources on subscriber and revenue growth, which is critical for shareholder value.

In October 2017, Life’s Time Capsule Services, Inc. (OTC Pink: LTCPD) announces it has received FINRA approval to conduct a 20-to-1 forward stock split. As a result of the stock split, the company is currently trading under its temporary symbol of “LTCPD.” However, after twenty consecutive trading days, the symbol will revert back to its original “LTCP.” Management says the forward stock split will allow the company to have greater access to capital options. Once the split is complete, Life’s Time Capsule Services, Inc. (OTC Pink: LTCPD) will have a share structure consisting of 254.35 million shares and a float of 26.63 million shares.

LTCP: Financial and Industry Analysis

Life’s Time Capsule Services, Inc. (OTC Pink: LTCPD) has a market cap of $12.97 million, as of October 2017. Furthermore, the digital time capsule services provider has a share structure consisting of 1 billion authorized shares, 254.35 million shares outstanding, and a float consisting of 26.63 million shares. During the second quarter 2017, Life’s Time Capsule Services, Inc. (OTC Pink: LTCPD) reported total no revenue, net loss of $156,000, assets of $31,000, and total liabilities of $664,000.

Management is forecasting a strong 2018, as the company prepares to continue developing and fine-tuning its services. Furthermore, the company is actively leveraging its partnerships and personal connections to boost its customer base. Recently appointed CEO, Frank Brady, is the perfect executive to implement the company’s growth plan. Mr. Brady not only developed the concept, but he also has over 20 years of experience running profitable companies. Here are five other companies that have similar operations to Life’s Time Capsule Services, Inc. (OTC Pink: LTCPD) and could help provide a fair valuation for the company:

Document Security Systems, Inc. (NYSE: DSS), through its DSS Digital Group subsidiary, provides secure data center solutions. The data storage allows users to store important documents with high-level cyber security. The cloud-based data center can be accessed through any device with an internet connection. As of October 2017, Document Security Systems, Inc. has a market cap of $10.27 million and a share structure consisting of 13.69 million shares outstanding and a float of 10.41 million shares. During the second quarter 2017, the company reported total revenue of $3.86 million and a net loss of $264,527.

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