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Miami, FL–( NewsWire – April 2, 2020) –, a leading independent small cap media portal with an extensive history of providing unparalleled content for the Emerging Growth markets and companies, reports on Sanwire Corp. (OTC: SNWR).

Los Angeles, CA — April 2, 2020 — InvestorsHub NewsWire — Sanwire Corporation (“Sanwire” or the “Company”) (OTC: SNWR), a diversified company with a focus on the entertainment industry, is pleased to announce that Intercept Music, Inc. (“Intercept”), Sanwire’s wholly owned subsidiary, today announced a significant addition to its scope of artist-focused services by launching a new music label services program (“Label Services”) to deliver the benefits of traditional music label services at a fraction of the cost.

With the new Label Services suite, independent artists can access the full range of benefits traditionally offered by a music label, while driving their own careers and maximizing revenue. Among the Label Services functions announced today are enhanced promotional and merchandising opportunities, including playlisting, customized advertising, licensing, and much more.

The invitation-only Label Services suite – already beta-tested and proven by a dozen artists and bands – adds to this solid backbone other important features typically performed by a label: customized advertising, licensing, merchandise sales and promotion, physical distribution, playlist creation, revenue management, live broadcasting, and YouTube channel management. Label Services features are funded entirely through revenue sharing with artists.

There are currently an estimated 12 million independent artists (i.e., those not signed to labels) worldwide today, and independent music is the fastest-growing sector by revenue in the music industry. The independent market generated $1.6 billion in 2019 and is projected to grow 32% in 2020 to $2.1 billion, accounting for up to 10% of the global music industry. Intercept Music offers an unparalleled level of support and service to independent artists, at either do-it-yourself (DIY) or concierge service levels.

Intercept Music is 100% dedicated to building the careers of independent artists. The company has quickly grown its stable of artists, who are now experiencing commercial success, and generating present-day revenue, with social media marketing and distribution services. Intercept’s platform allows artists to upload and distribute their music to hundreds of digital stores and every major streaming platform worldwide, including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Pandora and Google Play music. The software also enables artists to promote songs and albums through social media, drive sales of merchandise and tickets, and track sales and marketing performance with state-of-the-art analytics. The platform is built on proven enterprise software and also includes individualized coaching from a team of advisors and music industry professionals with more than 100 GRAMMY and other industry awards.

“We originally created Intercept Music to put control of artists’ destiny into their own hands, rather than a traditional label,” said Tod Turner, CEO of Intercept Music. “With our artist-centric Label Services, we’re bolstering every aspect of the artists’ career, leveraging our data-sharing and marketing muscle to deliver more revenue directly to them. From seeding their first demo, to building a global fan base complete with merchandise and live broadcasts, Intercept Music helps artists hold the keys to their own success, without limitation.”

Now more than ever, artists don’t need a record label!

About Intercept Music, Inc.
Intercept Music is a technology company with the soul of an artist. In the crowded music marketplace today, 12 million artists are competing for fans and audiences that have almost unlimited access to music, whether from streaming services or online retailers. Intercept’s software platform delivers an unsurpassed combination of distribution, marketing and expert coaching, empowering artists to connect with new audiences, measure their results and distribute and monetize their music like never before. Intercept Music is wholly owned by Sanwire Corporation. For more information, visit

About Sanwire Corporation
Sanwire has been involved in aggregating technologies for a number of years. We look for opportunities in fragmented markets, where technology can be applied to consolidate services into a single platform of delivery. Our current focus is advanced entertainment technologies. For more information, please visit

For information, contact
Casper Casparian
Marketing Communications
(310) 435-4833

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