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ICO NameSyn City
Start DateJanuary 07, 2022
End DateJanuary 07, 2022
1 Week ago

SYN CITY, is a Free-2-Play-2-Earn action-adventure RPG game in which the players acquire, manage, trade, and expand their empires and syndicates. Players can grind in daily events, PvE, PvP, and Syndicate events such as cross-chain Mafia wars.

Build your business empire and earn assets by building, owning businesses, looting, raiding, trading, farming, borrowing/lending, and other Mafia activities. Battle other criminal syndicates for world domination!


💰 Huge prizes & $1 Million 💰

Represent Syn City & Arbiters in the upcoming Meta Tournament on @Twitch by @elliotrades & @ZssBecker

Compete in our Crab Game tournament to secure an official spot with @ArbitersEsports 👀

🗓️10pm (UTC); 17th Jan

Venue 👉

🚨 5 DAYS 🚨

🔥5 days to the SYN CITY Fair Launch Auction 👀

🗓️21st Jan; Auction will be live for 3 days

Pls read our guide for @CopperLaunch below 👇…

#MafiaMetaverse #Synners #MaaD


6 days to SYN CITY Fair Launch Auction 👀

🗓️ 21st Jan; Auction will be live for 3 days

Pls read our guide for @CopperLaunch below 👇

#MafiaMetaverse #Synners #MaaD

We are now the all time #1 ranked collection on Binance NFT🔥

We want to thank our partner @TheBinanceNFT for providing an amazing platform to launch on 🥂

Thank you all for the support ❤️

Join us 👉 👈

#MafiaMetaverse #Synners #MaaD

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