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ICO NameQuizando
Start DateTBA
End DateTBA
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Quizando is about to totally revolutionise one of the digital world’s most important and fastest growing sectors by disrupting the way social media influencers monetize their followings. By using our platform to live host pay-to-play-to-win quizzes, people with social media followings of all sizes can earn real money, real easily and real fast. They now have an easy way to turn followers into revenue. Our ICO is unique because our raise is small and carefully planned out not to mention the fact that our product already exists – we are just expanding and enhancing it. But the small raise doesn’t hide our massive potential. So join our whitelist today and be part of the influencer revolution!

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Friday Night Quiz Time with Wess! https://www.pscp.tv/w/c21yjDF6dkVOWGd3eXdMS2V8MXlOeGFXcHJrZURHauRtt1W6IGERkVTYdQlpZOzdy49S-eiA60dPoN5fdtV6

Wednesday Night With Wess hosted by Wess https://www.pscp.tv/w/c2rQJjF6dkVOWGd3eXdMS2V8MUJkR1lZQXJtRXZHWPs6njSaUm_u9CiaAiSwfk5_zMfr8WwOlLmXLJuLFEm5

Together with @ZELWINofficial we're giving you to #win from our $500 ZLW #token prize pool

Play the Zelwin #crypto quiz today and the top 50 players will win $$$$$!

Click here to play https://social.quizando.com/classics/p/zelwin

The Free Friday Night Cash Quiz with Wess https://www.pscp.tv/w/c2Q3dTF6dkVOWGd3eXdMS2V8MU95S0FFcEFWdm9LYke9wwamXcJvO9aqfxTRJgRmK_y99wK6EoppkMJK62_W

Wednesday Night Quiz Time With Wess https://www.pscp.tv/w/c2GVYTF6dkVOWGd3eXdMS2V8MWRSS1pObXlhclhLQs_kaEIq0q22wFYa35PLhuUhRiKBXAaHDQ3SeVhJcYxI

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Price1 QUIZ = 0.01 USD Sale228,000,000 Payment ModeBTC, ETH, Fiat
Minimum InvestmentN/A Distribution24% RaisedN/A
Soft CapN/A Hard Cap1,795,000 USD