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ICO NameOuro
Start DateJanuary 03, 2022
End DateJanuary 04, 2022
1 Week ago

Ouro aims to create an inflation-proof store of value system on BSC, featuring Peer-to-Pool asset swaps. The project derives fiat inflations manifested in the growth of the value of crypto assets and migrates them onto OURO, making it inflation-proof against the USD.

Ouro has an arbitrage-based stability mechanism. When assets in the Reserve Pool appreciate, Up to 30% of the excess value will be reserved for an increase in OURO’s Default Exchange Price.

OGS, or Ouro Governance Share, is used for community governance in Ouro. When any yield is generated from assets in the Reserve Pool, it will be used to improve liquidity for OGS trading pairs and to conduct OGS token burns. When assets in the Reserve Pool appreciate, at least 70% of the excess value will be used to conduct OGS token burns and the formation of Insurance Pool.

New OGS will be minted when the Reserve Pool does not have enough assets to acquire collateral when the Reserve Pool does not have enough assets to keep a 1-1 peg with issued OURO.

All OURO issued are backed by crypto assets in a 1-1 fashion. No need to worry about price fluctuation.


Though the market condition is not perfect, our inflation-proof asset OURO has already gone thru a few upward rebase in the last few days. Currently sitting at $1.0224. An explainer regarding how OURO appreciation works:

We’ve had a quiet few days of building. The team has been busy trying to fulfill all UIUX requests from the community since launch. Some improvements have already been deployed and some are on their way. A detailed optimization report will be out by the end of this week 😉

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