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ICO NameInfinity Skies
Start DateJanuary 07, 2022
End DateJanuary 07, 2022
1 Week ago

Infinity Skies is a game of the sandbox genre, where people are able to set their own short-term and long-term goals.

Try out our Demo today:

The $ISKY token is also available on @gate_io and @QuickswapDEX 👀

2022 is going to be epic 🔥🔥

#InfinitySkies #Demo #P2E #BlockchainGame

CEO OF AXIE@cagyjan1

Played the new @Inf_Skies demo! Pretty smooth! $ISKY

Download and try it

@Inf_Skies my castle.. concept courtyard combine open space and inner space. We have so many courtyard and garden. so we can relax on the garden or make a party. We also 2 bed room bunk bed and 2 bedroom Queen size.. and also we have one master bed room. Library and also dinner

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