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ICO NameFreshCut Diamond
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FreshCut Diamonds are the native community token that power the FreshCut ecosystem. Users can earn $FCD through in-app quests via our Create-and-Earn (publishing video content) and Engage-and-Earn (watching & engaging with video content) mechanics.

$FCD will be used for:
- Membership benefits within the FreshCut ecosystem
- Special access to token gated events and tournaments, both IRL and online
- In-app tipping from viewers to their favourite creators
- FreshCut DAO proposals and voting

FreshCut is founded by former Twitch leaders who are fixing the long time gap in short-form video offerings targeted towards the gaming community. The company was founded in 2020, has raised over $15M in funding, and now has over 25 employees.

💎 $FCD + App Integration =
Create-and-earn for creators 🎬
Watch-and-earn for fans 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

Coming this summer 👀

Start watching your favorite games and creators today 😍

“FreshCut Summer coming in June…quests, events, and much more for creators and fans” - @ErnestLe

“Product and engineering are working hard. $FCD app integration coming later this summer for things like create/engage-and-earn in app” - @ben_stueck

“Excited by Polygon’s gaming ecosystem, would love to see some great web3 game content on our platform” - @ErnestLe

“We’re open to all creators from both web2 and web3, come join us” - @JamesSKuk

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ICO Ended
ICO NameFreshCut Diamond
Start DateApril 20, 2022
End DateMay 07, 2022