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ICO NameFantomlive
Start DateJanuary 12, 2022
End DateJanuary 20, 2022
in 2 Days

#Fantomlive The First Web 3.0 Livestream-Metaverse & Launchpad Protocol. The ecosystem includes:

1) See To Earn ( Proof of See )
2) Decentralized Livestream
3) Live-Crypto (Support for Launchpad and Airdrop)
- Live Launchpad
- Live Airdrop
- Live AMA
- LiveList
4) Livestream Metaverse
5) Meeting Idol
6) Streamer NFT Market
7) Launchpad Protocol
8) Create Claim Airdrop
9) Mint Token
10) Lock Token & LP
11) Defi ( Swap, Addliquidity, Add Miner ).

Source Code
Self-Reported TagsMarketplaceMediaVR/ARDecentralized ExchangeDeFiVideoSocial TokenFantom EcosystemWeb3

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Projects ➡ @ghostmarketio @Beamswapio @FantomLiveS @MonsterGalaxy21 @ExipOfficial @HeroArena_Hera @LockNess_BSC

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