Astro Verse (ASV) ICO Details & Financial Information

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ICO NameAstro Verse
Start DateDecember 28, 2021
End DateDecember 28, 2021
PlatformBinance Smart Chain (BEP20)
2 Weeks ago

AstroVerse is a Metaverse project which is not only an
income-generating gaming ecosystem but also a dramatic race in space exploration


20 billion $ASV tokens accounting for 40% of the total token supply has been burned. Such an enormous portion, right ?

Check it out 👇

Our goal is to burn 50%-70% of the total token supply when the game is launched 🤟

#Metaverse #NFTs #P2E #AstroVerse

We are excited to announce that #AstroVerse staking mechanism has been fully updated✨

🎯You can stake your $ASV tokens in a period of time to receive different #NFTs.

Are you curious about our staking mechanism?
👉Check it out:

#P2E #Metaverse

#AstroVerse mystery chests have been activated🚀

Now, you can open your chests and receive NFTs but for higher profits, you should wait for our incoming NFTs transaction to sell unopened chests.

Please note that the opened chests will lose value if you purchase them by mistake.


Converting unopened chests into $ASV is our upcoming feature !!!

Please do not buy opened chests on unofficial channels to protect yourself from suffering losses

👉Note that convert is only available for unopened chests, and the opened chests will be worthless

Are you curious about how $ASV token is going to be vested?🤔
🎯No more wait, this post is for you !

Check out #AstroVerse Vesting Schedule below for more information 👇👇

$ASV #Metaverse #NFTs #P2E

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