AGORIC (BLD) ICO Details & Financial Information

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Start DateDecember 29, 2021
End DateJanuary 05, 2022
7 Months ago

BLD stakers perform a critical role in securing the chain and ecosystem. Rewards are designed to align BLD stakers and validators with the long-term growth of the Agoric chain. These include:

Staking rewards: New issuance of BLD to reward validators and stakers for securing the network during the early growth phase of the ecosystem;
RUN fee distributions: Generated from use of the user-controlled vaults and the native automated market maker (AMM); and
getRUN: BLD stakers can lock their staked BLD to receive RUN.


Pleased to announce the launch of a fresh web presence for the DCF. Visit for news, announcements and our blog posts #agoric #cosmos #dcf

Watching an awesome NFT project demo right now built on @agoric by an as-yet unannounced launch partner


@inter_protocol launches first, but Mainnet-2 (governance gated contract installations) shortly behind. Can't wait...

🧑‍💻Ready to build the next generation of DeFi alongside smart contracts and JavaScript pioneers?

Agoric is #hiring an experienced Senior Software Engineer to help build the Agoric platform that maximizes performance, scalability, and security.

Apply at

OG cypherpunk @DeanTribble explaining @agoric and his future vision for bridging Zcash into Agoric (and the wider interchain)

Really interesting talk.

#Zcash #Agoric #Zcon3

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