If you are a lover of horse racing then I’m sure you know about many of the amazing events that take place each and every year in the UK, while many of the big events are right here in England, there are many other beautiful races that bring together thousands of avid racing fans all over the world. From big purses, famous faces and great betting opportunities, there are many things that make each and every race popular, but here are some of the horse racing biggest worldwide annual events that you cannot miss, whether you buy a hat and make your way to the track or invite your friends over to watch it on the TV, you won’t want to miss a second and Timeform is ready and waiting to help you win some money to add to the excitement of each and every race.

The Dubai World Cup

Dubai is known for its luxury and wealthy lifestyle, their world of horse racing is no different and their annual World Cup is the richest race across the globe, offering an average price fund of $10 million – $12 million in 2019. The final Saturday of March each year will see horse racing fans get dressed up and make their way to Maydan Racecourse to watch the beauty of the 2km thoroughbred event.

Cheltenham Festival

One of the UK’s most prestigious events with the second biggest purse of all English races, second only to the world-famous Grand National. Cheltenham is held in the middle of March each year and is a four-day festival held in Gloucestershire, not only know for its big purse but for its phenomenal atmosphere, referred to ads the ‘Cheltenham Roar’ which refers to the noisy atmosphere that rumbles through the track as the flag is risen to mark the first race and the beginning of the festival.

The Kentucky Derby  

In Louisville, the Kentucky Derby is held every May, generally the first Saturday of the month. The event stretches across two weeks and is a Grade 1 stakes acing event for three-year-old thoroughbred horses in which the horses are to run a distance of one and a quartered miles at the Churchill Downs track. The event also has a healthy purse for the finishers of $3 million, sending the winner home with $1,860,000.

Royal Ascot

When it comes to horse racing, no event captures the historic class of the sport more so than Royal Ascot, with its long-standing dress code and behaviour rules in place to maintain the decorum and beauty f the event which is held in Ascot, Berkshire each year in June.

The event is favourable to many as it has frequently been a popular event for famous faces to attend and due to being originally opened by Queen Ann back in 1711, the royal family have always had a connection to the event and has seen some member of the family attend and the Quen herself has had her personal horses enter into the races of the event.

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