Vita Mobile Systems (OTC Pink: GMUI) is set to become the next evolution above Waze in crowdsourcing data.

Chairman of the Board and CFO for Vita Mobile Systems, Inc. (OTC Pink: GMUI)  is Martin Wade III, who is also currently the intern CEO at Payless Shoes, a $2 billion retailer.  Mr. Wade is no stranger to technology and media companies as he currently serves on the board of Media News Group — the second largest media company in the U.S. serving over 60 million monthly readers.  His past positions include, board director of Readers Digest, and Chairman and CEO of Broadcaster, Inc. (formally a top 100 website similar to YouTube and a predecessor technology to Twitter’s Periscope).

“The VITA app is a game changer. It’s crowd-sourced. It’s a content generation tool and it’s actually also fun, easy and free to use. It’s a real winner.” – Martin Wade III

A New CBS drama this Fall Season called the Wisdom of the Crowd starred by Jeremy Piven uses news crowdsourcing to help solve the murder of his daughter.  If you are intrigued by the storyline and wondering if this fictional depiction could actually work in real life then you might be excited to learn, there’s an app for that.  Vita Mobile Systems (OTC Pink: GMUI) has developed a geolocation collection node for pictures video and content.  The wild success of the TV drama validates their application called VITA that is set to launch in the coming months.

98% of Content Never Shared

There are billions of pictures that are taken every year but only 1-2% of them actually make it to social media.  The reason for that is simple, posting to social media is for self-edification.  The thing is that people take pictures of the strangest things and this is still valuable content.  Think about all the everyday events around us that we take pictures like a car accident, a small dumpster fire that charred the local street sign, a lost animal sitting in the street, someone lurking on a roof top, or the location of a secret entrance to a new hiking trail you took.  These pictures will never make it to Facebook (FB), Instagram, or Snapchat (SNAP) or if they are posted they aren’t easily searchable.  What happens to these pictures is they end up on your hard drives cutting room floor uncategorized.

In essence, a tremendous amount of content is captured and has nowhere to go.  In the context of solving a crime, the eyewitness’s to the tragedy in Las Vegas that tweeted and categorized their pictures were available for all to view if you figured out the right search term, but what about all the pictures and video that was only shared within FB and its private networks.  How would law enforcement know it even exists, or be able to search for these nuggets of evidence?  VITA’s location based content algorithms that sorts the pictures and video into a useable format and stores them for archived use would be an invaluable asset to law enforcement which is the basic premise behind the hit series “Wisdom of the Crowd.”

How the App works

The app has a camera and also allows a user to take a picture and upload straight to VITA’s platform, where it will be geographically tagged using the google maps platform, and catalog the image. Once uploaded, the algorithms get to work categorizing and classifying the pictures and videos for future use.  Lastly, the user would select an emoji for the upload similar to the Waze app.  This simple tweak in user habits should make adoption seamless and easy while realizing a feeling of gratification as they are serving a higher purpose by contributing to their community.

The user is anonymous to the rest of the world and that anonymity breaks down one of the primary barriers of sharing content.  Think about the free discourse of speech on chat boards when you are anonymous.

What the App Does

Supplementing typical social media habits and getting a pictorial representation in real time of events happening in certain locations is the primary objective.  The map based interface allows users to zoom in on emoji’s that represent different events like a happy face for something good a sad face for something bad, or symbols for a fire or accident.  These types of incidents, along with their witnesses are photographed and documented every day, but there is no home for this data.  This is a dream come true for insurance companies as they could go back and view all of the geotagged evidence.  These pieces of captured content don’t have a home on current social media, but they do now, on VITA.

Possible examples of sharing with the VITA community

– Live looks at emerging protests
– Video from a town hall meetings
– Exciting video from the high school carnival
– Updated looks at the new fountain constructed in town
– Street performers at the Santa Monica Pier
– Pictures at the Eifel Tower and the surrounding areas
– Showcasing amenities at a hotel/vacation spot
– Spotting an A-list movie star stuffing their face with a burger
– Clips of police arresting people to document any misconduct
– Daily deals posted by local restaurant or store owners.

The opportunities are endless.  All interesting content that is being captured on a daily basis with nowhere to share it, or if it is being shared, it is not easily found by the public, and VITA content is truly uncensored.  With VITA, you get the good, the bad, and the ugly.  People will share more when they feel they are not being judged. This anonymous and unfiltered first person view allows users to see things from a unique perspective.  It allows virtual access to social settings and events not normally covered in mainstream media.  Another example might be an ambulance or fire truck speeding past on your ride home while you’re stuck in traffic.  The app will geo-locate and provide anonymous media of the incident, in the direction the emergency vehicle is traveling, that you would not otherwise hear about until the evening news.

About Vita Mobile Systems (OTC Pink: GMUI)

The team at Vita Mobile Systems came together close to a decade ago as an internet marketing company which evolved into a social media advertising platform with proprietary algorithms.  Over the past 3 years Vita Mobile Systems has focused on developing the world’s most open social media platform that emphasizes sharing life as we know it without any filters.  The AI and algorithms behind the platform will catalog the uploaded content into usable searchable geo located data.

The Company’s CFO is Martin Wade is a turnaround specialist with a focus on developing a transformational strategy.  He brings a tremendous amount of public company experience which is paramount as VITA grows users and engagement.

Waze Case Study

Waze started out as an Israel-based social navigation and traffic service.  The intent of the app was contributing for the “common good” of the road by improving the quality of everyone’s daily driving.  Essentially the company crowd sourced information regarding traffic information, accidents, and police traps, and shared it.  It was launched in 2007 and has since evolved to over 100 million plus downloads worldwide.  In 2013 Google purchased Waze for $1.15 Billion, with its approximately 50 million users equating to approximately $23.00 per user (without consideration for the technology).  Today, Waze has over 65 million active users in 185 countries.  Its geolocation data has become crucial for hyperlocal marketing strategies.

Monetization Plans

VITA Mobile Systems, Inc. (OTC Pink: GMUI) seems to be following the same roadmap as Waze but is doing it better by using its proprietary algorithms that learn customer’s behaviors from this captured meta data.  Location based marketing solutions are great but what makes a person want to stop at a store they are driving by.  You have to know more about the person and their habits.  Is the person on their way to work or did they just stop at another store and in the midst of doing errands?  Assuming a person was in the vicinity of a store was considered acceptable in the past, but as marketing campaigns have evolved it has been revealed that they might not have a complete grasp of what their target consumer is really doing.  VITA has a wealth of experience in marketing, and in the future, will be able to exploit its proprietary algorithms to fill in these gaps offering a treasure trove of geo targeted data well beyond what any existing marketing platform could offer.

Future Timeline Function and VR/AR

Many people that travel just take pictures of scenery and buildings and because they are not in the pictures it rarely makes it to the social networks.  These cutting room scraps are at the essence of what VITA wants.  These pictures taken will be geotagged for later consumption in the VITA app. All the travelers visiting a particular location would be creating an event diary for consumption at a later time by other VITA users.

In The Wisdom of the Crowd they used pictures off of mobile media to show an augmented view of a construction site where they believed a serial killer was lurking.  They used a timeline function to see the view of the site in the past.  Out of curiosity many of us take pictures of a building under construction to reminisce about what was there but these pictures had no home until now.  Future versions of the app might have Virtual Reality where you can actually get a peek inside the concert all or event center.  Artificial Intelligence (AI) as shown in the Wisdom of the Crowd could render a representation of the facility from stitching the pictures together.  Augmented Reality (AR) could then allow you to experience the event at different times whenever you like.

Investment Summary

VITA Mobile Systems, Inc. (OTC Pink: VITA) and its technology are exploiting some very favorable market trends.  The use of artificial intelligence to predict consumer behavior is growing at an exponential pace.   Statista estimates the current size of the artificial intelligence market is $2.42 billion and will grow to 59.7 billion by 2025.  The buyers of this technology are any of the search engines or advertising agencies engaged in hyper-localized advertising.  The data accumulated by VITA would be epic in magnitude but this would only be eclipsed by the results of their highly focused marketing campaigns.  A $250 million dollar market cap seems quickly attainable due to the aggregation of massive amounts of localized content, higher quality of collected meta data, and assumed high use do to the ultra-compelling and engaging nature of the app.  Investors should stay tuned and follow the growth of users cataloguing millions of locations and the exciting uses people haven’t even dreamed up yet ushering in a new realm of unfiltered social media.

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