Adam Kluger of TKA
Adam Kluger of TKA

“I see a bright future for the brand” – Adam Kluger CEO, The Kluger Agency

Friendable, Inc. (OTC Pink: FDBL) today announced the Company’s paid version of its iOS app continues to gain advances in ranking, achieving the Number 1 position for all Social Networking Apps in Australia on Thursday, August 11th, 2016.

Robert Rositano, Jr. CEO Friendable, Inc. (OTC Pink: FDBL) stated: “With Friendable continuing to gain traction in markets such as Australia, coupled with the technology and app improvements we continue to implement, Friendable is positioned well to move into additional worldwide market opportunities. Our plan of growth includes the generation of revenue through the addition of advertising in both the iOS and Android versions of the app. We anticipate these advertising integrations to commence in September 2016.”

More recently, Friendable, Inc. (OTC Pink: FDBL) announced that it has retained The Kluger Agency for the second time, and now in an expanded role to assist with its next phase of marketing and branding initiatives.

Adam Kluger, CEO of The Kluger Agency (TKA), who brought Friendable, Inc. (OTC Pink: FDBL) celebrity partnerships with Jennifer Lopez, Fifth Harmony, Fetty Wap, Auston Manone, and Redfoo stated “This phase of marketing initiatives will be much more focused on call to action rather than brand awareness and video integration.”

Kluger further stated, “We will partner the Friendable brand with major entertainment conglomerates and consumer brands, as well as utilize celebrities targeting the 14-23-year-old demo to incentivize new users to check out Friendable. I see a bright future for the brand”

Friendable’s (OTC Pink: FDBL) various marketing efforts results in month over month user growth as well as increased time spent in the app.

More Recent Updates From Friendable (OTC Pink: FDBL):

The internationally acclaimed all girl group, Fifth Harmony, released their music video “All In My Head” (Flex) featuring Billboard’s Top New Artist for 2016, Fetty Wap.

Global Superstar Jennifer Lopez invited her 45.5 million Facebook Fans to Check out the Friendable App!  Jennifer Lopez Stated: “The Friendable app from my ‪#‎aintyourmama video is my favorite app for bringing my fans together. ‪#‎JLOVERS Check it out.

The Friendable (OTC Pink: FDBL0 app has also recently been featured in “Light’s Out”, the latest music video from Redfoo, as well as in a social media post of AustinMahone.  You can see all of this and more highlights from Friendable (OTC Pink: FDBL) here:

Celebrities have a way of driving success to brands.  The Friendable brand is no different.  FDBL noted the additional increase in the use of its app among the college and over demographic in the past 12 hours.  And prior, saw a “Sheer Surge in Downloads and Usage” among teens after the Austin Mahone Post.

With over a million downloads prior to these celebrity influences, we are anxious to see new numbers form the company.

Friendable Inc. has one goal: increasing shareholder value by attracting more users and providing an experience which encourages them to spend more time in the app!

Could Friendable, Inc. (OTC Pink: FDBL) be a social media takeover candidate?


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