First Graphene’s (ASX:FGR) PureGRAPH Could Make Hydrogen Energy Economically Viable

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Increasingly, the narrative for clean energy solutions have attracted widespread appeal, even across political boundaries. Further, the latest high-profile cyberbreach — the ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline that sent supply chain shockwaves throughout the eastern region of the U.S. — only incentivized proposals to remove American dependency on fossil fuels.

In this regard, electric vehicles represent perhaps the most popular form of alternative transportation. However, hydrogen fuel cells may provide a much more viable method. Primarily, it comes down to a science equation. Hydrogen-based vehicles offer far greater energy density than battery plug-in EVs, and energy density is the reason why combustion-based cars have remained relevant despite an industry-wide push to switch to electric power.

But there’s one nagging problem — the economics. Though the technology underlining hydrogen fuel cells is revolutionary, it’s also extremely expensive due to the requirement of platinum. And if the financial picture doesn’t work out, it honestly doesn’t matter how great the science is. Here’s what Alexandra Wexler of the Wall Street Journal stated:

A fuel cell needs platinum for the catalyst that separates hydrogen into protons and electrons, which then generate the electrical current, making it an alternative to battery-powered vehicles. Hydrogen fuel cells are expected to be an important part of reducing global carbon emissions, though they remain expensive.

Much of that cost is due to the high price of platinum, leading manufacturers to explore alternatives. But for now, increased interest in the technology and the metal’s unique properties has helped lift platinum prices to more-than six-year highs.

But this is also where innovative firms like First Graphene (OTCMKTS:FGPHF) can enter the scene and deliver groundbreaking potential to move the clean energy narrative to the next level. In collaboration with the Manchester Metropolitan University, First Graphene conducted research to determine whether the company’s proprietary PureGRAPH graphene-based material could act as an aoxygen reduction reaction catalyst in place of platinum.

According to First Graphene’s news release, “Initial results confirm that metal oxide coated PureGRAPH® is an effective catalyst for the cathode ORRs. It has the potential to be used as a cheaper alternative to platinum in the next generation of fuel cells.”

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Moving forward, both parties will undertake a four-month collaborative project to expand upon the knowledge discovered during this astounding event. And this truly brings another set of substantive results to bolster the FGPHF stock price.

At the end of the week of May 10, First Graphene shares closed at 19 cents. Since November of last year, FGPHF has been quietly making strong moves in the over-the-counter (OTC) market. Though inherently risky, First Graphene easily separates itself from other OTC plays thanks to its continued leadership in graphene research.

As well, with shares prices currently below 20 cents, the law of small numbers works in the speculator’s favor. It doesn’t take much to see wild profitability at these levels, further adding to the excitement over FGPHF stock.

Disclaimer: The author is long FGPHF.


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