First Graphene (ASX: FGR) and the Race to Responsible Innovation

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As the global applied sciences community pushes forward myriad innovations that advance the interest of humanity, social mores have also increasingly influenced the trajectory of this dynamic. Specifically, technology alone is not enough to satisfy both private capitalists and government backers. Instead, environmental responsibility has taken a place in the front lines of scientific advancements.

This is one of several reasons why graphene has captured the imagination across the full spectrum of the applied sciences industry, from the experts running research and development to the individual investor seeking to capitalize and profit from the next technological innovation. A carbon allotrope consisting of a single atom layer arranged in a two-dimensional honeycomb lattice, graphene is simultaneously lightweight, resilient and incredibly strong.

And the most advanced individual company in this field is First Graphene (ASX:FGR, OTCMKTS:FGPHF). Based in Australia, First Graphene is vertically integrated and controls graphene’s raw material supply chain. Additionally, FGR, unlike so many fly-by-night operations in the largely unregulated graphene market, forwarded multiple applications that demonstrate the commercial viability of this wonder material.

Recently, First Graphene made headlines when it introduced PureGRAPH 50, complementing the technology firm’s wide range of graphene powders and additives. In particular, FGR developed PureGRAPH 50 to address concrete strengthening and polymer reinforcement.

The latter has significant implications in the U.S. now that the Biden administration released its infrastructure plan. Naturally, PureGRAPH 50’s ability to bolster concrete resilience — specifically in the area of reducing water permeability — makes such wide-ranging initiatives much more economically feasible.

Further, concrete is a surprising source of carbon emissions. According to data from, the release of carbon dioxide and other gases into the air traps heat, raises air temperatures and changes the balance of life on Earth; hence the term carbon “footprint.” In the U.S. the manufacturing of cement (a key ingredient of concrete) accounts for under 1.5% of all human-generated CO2 emissions.

However, a BBC report indicated that according to think tank Chatham House, cement represents approximately 8% of global CO2 emissions. That’s a significant figure and as international government agencies push for net-zero emissions, every bit of improvement counts.

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Sure enough, the debut of PureGRAPH 50 also demonstrates its potential for material usage reduction (due to graphene’s unprecedented strength) and therefore, mitigation of carbon emissions. Perhaps not coincidentally, investor sentiment has picked up massively this past week.

Between April 19 and April 23, FGPHF stock — which is listed in the U.S. over-the-counter exchange — jumped slightly over 17%. For the month trailing April 23, FGPHF stock is up nearly 22%. Yet it also remains a compelling discount for current prospective buyers as shares are down almost 22% on year-to-date basis.

However, this discount may not last. A critical advantage that First Graphene levers over other graphene competitors (besides the extraordinary research and commercialization of the material) is its equity unit’s availability to American investors. As part of your high-growth portfolio, make sure to take a long look at FGPHF stock.


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