Fetch.AI (Crypto: FET) Is the Blockchain Breakthrough We’ve Been Waiting For

Finally, a platform integrates decentralization with artificial intelligence into a cohesive ecosystem

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Thanks to the meteoric rise of cryptocurrencies over the last several years, the blockchain has become one of the most highly discussed topics in advanced technologies. Naturally, this has catalyzed an explosion of blockchain competitors. But while all of them feature glitzy marketing language, only a few organizations bring truly revolutionary innovations to the forefront. One such company is Fetch.AI.

Indeed, Fetch.AI may very well turn out to be the most groundbreaking innovation in the blockchain arena since the invention of the platform itself. With its debut, Fetch.AI has immediately solved two critical problems that have clouded the investment proposition toward the broader blockchain industry.

First, most people associate the publicly distributed ledger as merely a transactional platform. Of course, the blockchain has far greater potential due to its decentralized immutability. And recently, blue chips like IBM(NYSE:IBM) have earnestly bolstered their blockchain architecture, leveraging the innovation to promote efficiencies across various supply chains and cloud computing functionalities.

Fetch.AI takes the blockchain’s inherent high-trust, transparent ecosystem and simply makes it more practical than the competition.

Second, Fetch.AI’s unique infrastructure brings true intelligence to artificial intelligence. Though inventions such as the Internet of Things have brought digitalization to the mainstream, the actual manifestation is rather rudimentary. Mainly, current AI systems require extensive human operation or oversight, essentially defeating the purpose of “intelligence.”

Presently, tech firms in these two spaces are segregated: either they are largely blockchain-oriented or focus on artificial intelligence. The beauty of Fetch.AI is that the company seamlessly and holistically integrates the two, producing an unparalleled, utilitarian environment.

In other words, this is the first time where we can enjoy decentralized artificial intelligence. And with it comes myriad tangible benefits that were previously impossible to realize.

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Open Source Innovation

At the heart of the Fetch.AI architecture is the autonomous economic agent (AEA). By developing a self-adaptive smart ledger ecosystem, Fetch.AI fosters an environment whereby AEAs can learn and perform functions as either representatives of human actors or acting on their own behalf.

While this sounds utterly fantastical, Fetch.AI’s technical paper details the remarkably simple thesis underlying this otherwise next-generation technology. Fundamentally, in our current paradigm, data cannot sell itself. Therefore, IoT devices operate within the device manufacturer’s umbrella of interactivity. Basically, human operators receive whatever was programmed into the IoT device, which is incredibly limiting.

Now, imagine that Fetch.AI’s autonomous agents have inhabited this IoT device and more importantly, its network. By analyzing the various data and its correlations, Fetch.AI’s AEAs can identify opportunities, creating a data economy. As the company’s technical paper states:

an agent in a vehicle can provide weather and road conditions by simply relaying the activity of its windscreen wiper and washer activity. Fetch’s decentralised digital world enables the emergence of new marketplaces and allows this “unreal estate” to place relevant markets near each other for ease of exploration. The ability of agents to serve as representatives for data, hardware and services enables a better coordinated delivery of highly or even loosely connected services such as transport and insurance. Fetch creates a huge population of digital data analysts and sales agents who can work together, alone, or with human or corporate masters to reduce the cost of delivering complex solutions in our daily lives.

Ultimately, this intelligent adaptability is what separates Fetch.AI from the competition. Take for instance companies like Meridio. Leveraging the power of the blockchain’s decentralized, high-trust transparency, Meridio is able to knock out the multiple third-party intermediaries associated with real estate transactions, such as agents, brokers and attorneys.

In this manner, the company is able to democratize real estate investments by lowering unnecessary administrative costs, enabling more American families access to this market. Further, blockchain efficiencies enable fractional ownership of real estate assets, again widening the pool of potential investors.

Another company, GenesisAI, recognizes the same problem that Fetch.AI has discovered: data can’t sell itself. GenesisAI’s solution is to create a marketplace – an Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) for AI, if you will – where AI programmers can monetize their programs for clients seeking specific data-driven solutions.

In both these cases, the companies adopt a singular focus: Meridio leverages the blockchain for democratization and GenesisAI seeks to build an AI economy. Fetch.AI doesn’t so much compete with these businesses but rather, takes the equation to the next level: why can’t one platform do both?

With the advent of Fetch.AI’s groundbreaking technology, this concept is no longer the exclusive realm of science fiction.

Strong Investor Demand

Given the profound nature of this innovation, you’d expect investors to clamor for Fetch.AI’s tokens. And you would be proven correct.

Following the intense fallout from the last cryptocurrency bubble, Fetch.AI tokens (FET) settled into a long baseline around 4 cents a pop. After a brief period in March of this year when virtually all assets crumbled due to the worldwide spread of the novel coronavirus, FET has been on an absolute tear.

At time of writing, the token is trading for just under 15 cents. Though it has already made a remarkable run, there’s probably much more left in the tank. For one thing, FET could be considered undervalued compared to its peak price point, theoretically leaving investors significant room for upside.

Additionally, the cryptocurrency space is enjoying resurgent demand. This may continue due to the weakening U.S. dollar incentivizing investors to shift their money toward inflation-friendly assets. Finally, with the potential of Fetch.AI’s intelligent blockchain architecture to foster substantive changes to society, mainstream interest could skyrocket.

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