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Fernhill Beverage, Inc. (OTC Pink: FHBC) operates as a diversified beverage company, which creates drinks geared towards children and pre-teenagers. Shares of the beverage company are surging 165% on Thursday, February 2, 2017. Over the past month, Fernhill Beverage, Inc. has seen average daily volume of 475,074 shares. However, volume of 2.27 million shares or dollar volume of $60,155, has already exchanged hands through early trading Thursday.

Shares of Fernhill Beverage, Inc. are soaring Thursday, after the company announced that FINRA has approved the distribution of common stock to V Group shareholders. V Group, Inc. (OTC Pink: VGID) is an incubation partner of Fernhill Beverage, Inc. Furthermore, the companies continue to expect strong results in 2017, as V Group shareholders finally receive their FHBC share distribution. Here is the press release detailing of the FINRA approval:

Fernhill Beverage, Inc. Press Release:

CARLSBAD, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 2, 2017 / Fernhill Beverage, Inc. (OTC PINK: FHBC), along with its incubation partner, V Group, Inc. (OTC PINK: VGID), is proud to announce the approval of the distribution of Fernhill Beverage shares to V Group shareholders.

After a long and exhausting process, FINRA published the approval of the Corporate Action on its Daily List on 1/26/2017.

The Record Date is 6/10/2016. If you are or were a V Group shareholder on 6/10/2016, you are entitled to shares in Fernhill Beverage, Inc.

The Payment Date is 1/27/2017. The shares may take up to 2-3 weeks to reach the receiving shareholders or their accounts.

The payment is 10 to 1. For every 10 shares of VGID an eligible V Group shareholder had on the Record Date, they will receive 1 share of Fernhill Beverage (FHBC).

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“This process has been frustrating at best,” states Larry Twombly (VGID President and CEO). “We were hoping this process would have been faster and far less extensive. We knew that this had to get completed at all costs. We felt that it was not only mutually beneficial for the Companies involved, but simply put, it was the right thing to do.”

Fernhill Beverage, Inc. is a rapidly growing beverage start-up focusing on the youth market. Its first entry into the market place, Road Kill, has been embraced by kids that like the gross and icky and adults that have never grown up. Fernhill is planning an extension brand to Road Kill called Road Kill XL-XF, as well as other brands in 2017.

Fernhill Beverage, Inc. would like to officially welcome the fantastic shareholders of V Group, Inc. By expanding the shareholder count, Fernhill Beverage hopes to expand the Company’s exposure while increasing shareholder value without putting undue pressure on the share price.

V Group, Inc., as a Company and as an incubation partner, has been invaluable to the formation and launch of Fernhill Beverage, Inc.

Fernhill Beverage recognizes that Road Kill and the Company as a unit would not exist if not for the guidance of V Group, Inc. and its shareholders.

Both Companies look forward to 2017. Both Companies look forward to keeping shareholders up to date about all future activities.