Friendable, Inc. (OTC Pink; FDBL) has been getting a lot of attention in the media and since only March of 2016, its app is really beginning to gain steam.

Friendable has seen steady weekly increases in users across a wide range of demographic users, with a recent surge within the 13-24-year-old demographic specifically. The app, which Buzzfeed listed as One of the 5 Social Apps Set to Take the Lead in 2016 (Source: ), has continued to spread amongst the country since its brand shift to Friendable in late 2015 and the availability of its Android version of its app available in early 2016.Image FDBL Chart Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 11.45.51 AM

Not only are more users downloading the Friendable App every day, but their time spent in the app once downloaded exceeds the industry average.  Industry standard is approximately 35 seconds on iOS social networking apps. Friendable’s current user base consistently topped 1 minute for the month of May 2016. (Source:Flurry, FDBL Press Release)

Image FDBL Chart Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 11.50.05 AM

The company will hopefully be posting June download numbers soon and we expect to see a big increase over the previous months due to its recent celebrity influence.

On top of the most recent Friendable App appearance in Fifth Harmony featuring Fetty Wap music video released just last week (see it below), here are some “More than noteworthy” appearances:

Jennifer Lopez:

Featured Friendable in her new “Ain’t Your Mama” Music Video

Jennifer Lopez Shouts out to all 45.5 million Facebook Fans: “The Friendable app from my ‪#‎aintyourmama video is my favorite app for bringing my fans together. ‪#‎JLOVERS Check it out.”


Friendable app was featured in Redfoo’s new music video “Lights Out”.  Virtual Reality is a new and exciting development within the music video space, putting viewers at the center of experiences using immersive technologies.

In the early stages of the “Lights Out” video, RedFoo verbally expresses his personal interest in the Friendable app, explaining to his Party Rock Crew how the events mechanism of the app functions. The explanation is later followed up by multiple scenes featuring the Friendable App, guiding viewers through the transition from the future into the past within this time traveling music video.

Redfoo shot out on Instagram just a few days ago, “Yea Babies, meet me on Friendable. Great app for getting ahold of me and the Party Rock Crew”

Auston Mahone wrote on Instagram: “AustinMahone Bored af???? I’ll be on @friendableapp for the next few hours doing chats and following! Get the app and sign up, see if you can be the first one to find me!! ???? link in bio”

Emerging Growth Company Friendable (OTC Pink: FDBL)
Celebrity Austin Mahone shouts on Instagram about Friendable App

The Grand Finale…  But only to date!

Fifth Harmony “All In My Head (Flex) Ft. Fetty Wap.  Almost 20 million views since launch just 5 days ago features the Friendable App.  In the video, which just premiered on VEVO, a group of guys at the beach were invited to the Cabana for the Fifth Harmony’s party via the “Friendable” app.

What’s next?

About Friendable:

Friendable Inc. is the mobile-social network focused on the future, rather than sharing the past. It is all about having location specific and nearby opportunities to connect with others. The Friendable brand represents a “friends first” approach and takes all the pressure off its users, making it simple to create new connections, create meetup style events, or simply tell others what you are “Friendable” for. Based upon shared interests and locations, users can engage with what makes sense for them. Increased user interactions will allow Friendable to offer advertising and sponsorship opportunities to local venues/businesses and begin to generate revenue by providing these venues with location specific opportunities to reach potential customers when it matters most. As of April 2016, Friendable has exceeded one million downloads and has 700,000 registered users since the company’s inception.

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