Thursday, December 3, 2020


Emerging Growth Cryptocurrency News Daily Dozen – Winners vs. Losers

Stocks slipped on Friday, after reports that former national security advisor Mike Flynn is working on possibly testifying against Trump in the Russia investigation....

PayPal Introduces New Service for Digital Currency Management

PayPal's cryptocurrency support will allow users to buy, sell and hold crypto on its platform. Right now, crypto users have to rely on less-established, sometimes less-trusted services to handle their tokens. With this PayPal update, they'll be able to do everything from the PayPal app.

Tokenized securities on blockchain are here. And they’ve been around for a while.

Because tokenizing securities are comparatively simple to do, there actually have been quite a number of them entering the market. Daily Dozen – Winners vs. Losers

Wall Street ended mixed on Monday, as stocks took a breather. Overall, the Dow Jones rallied 0.10%, S&P 500 skid 0.04%, and Nasdaq dropped...

Bitcoin to move past $19,378 by means of public Availability & Value in a...

An article last month said Bitcoin would soar to $1 million in 5 years by an “enormous wall of money”. Bitcoin is only limited to 21 million coins. Once miners have unlocked all of the bitcoins, the planet’s supply will be tapped out.

Coinbase Is Now Offering Instant Withdrawals: How It Works

Due to the increasing attention, cryptocurrencies are flourishing. Coinbase's move to establish instant withdrawal is a step in the right direction for crypto investors. On a short-term level, those who use cryptocurrencies or Coinbase will benefit from immediate transfer funds.

What Would Happen If Bitcoin Stocks Were to Be Regulated?

To regulate Bitcoin, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will first need to define what the crypto-asset actually is. Some organizations, like the IRS, qualify it as property — like a home. Others signify that Bitcoin is a commodity. In fact, Bitcoin is more similar to a stock than actual currency.
Integrated Ventures Inc. (OTCQB: INTV)

Integrated Ventures Inc. (OTCQB: INTV) Executes a Non-disclosure Agreement With Canadian Crypto Mining Company 

Miami, FL – April 29, 2020 ( NewsWire) —, a leading independent small cap media portal with an extensive history of providing unparalleled content for the Emerging...
DLT Resolution, Inc. (OTC Pink: DLTI)

DLT Resolution Inc. (DLTI) Announces the Introduction of Hardware-as-a-Service (HAAS) for Businesses Across Canada...

Miami, FL – June 8, 2020 ( NewsWire) —, a leading independent small cap media portal with an extensive history of providing unparalleled content for...

How to Make Money Off Of Bitcoin Without Buying It

Bitcoin is still considered a risky investment. This is because the bitcoin market is unregulated, and bitcoin exchanges are vulnerable to hackers. However, many investors have been able to profit from bitcoin without actually buying it!

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