Determine Your Weaknesses and Strengths with Practice Tests to Pass Microsoft AZ-400 Exam and Become an Azure Expert


Among broad choices of the Microsoft certification tests, passing the AZ-400 exam is what you need if you want to become an accredited Microsoft DevOps engineer. This test evaluates your general knowledge of various technical DevOps aspects, ExamTopics AZ-900 VCE such as steering communication and collaboration as well as implementing strategies for continuous integration and delivery. These also include your ability in delivering the appropriate security plans to build site reliability, especially in Azure DevOps solutions.

Microsoft AZ-400: exam details

Microsoft AZ-400 is a prerequisite exam required for the Microsoft Certified: DevOps Engineer Expert certification. Author: Sebastian Z It is developed for the DevOps professionals with the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate or Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate badges.

This test basically measures your ability to successfully design a DevOps strategy and implement the DevOps development processes, application infrastructure, dependency management, as well as continuous delivery, integration, and feedback. The main responsibilities of the DevOps pros include streamlining delivery by ensuring that the practices are optimized in order to improve collaboration and communication, as well as creating automation. These specialists also implement and design the strategies for the infrastructure and application code that lead to continuous integration, monitoring, testing, feedback, and delivery.

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Microsoft AZ-400: exam outline and format

There are certain domains that are covered in the content and that will be presented in the exam questions. You need to learn them and prepare well for each of the sections. You can use books, courses, practice tests, exam dumps, and instructor-led training for this. Please note that Microsoft AZ-400 generally has the following topics:

  • Managing source control;
  • Implementing continuous integration;
  • Developing SRE strategies;
  • Implementing a release management strategy and continuous delivery;
  • Designing an instrumentation strategy;
  • Developing a compliance plan;
  • Implementing continuous integration.

The exam has between 40 and 60 questions and its duration is 150 minutes. It has the passing score of 700 points, ExamCollection 74% >>> which you should try to beat to be sure that you get the badge. The fee is $165 and the test can be taken in the Simplified Chinese, English, Korean, and Japanese languages.

Microsoft AZ-400: potential candidates

The candidates appearing for the Microsoft AZ-400 test are the DevOps specialists who combine people, technologies, and processes to continuously deliver valuable services and products that meet the business objectives and end user needs. Those applicants who are taking this exam must be proficient with Agile practices. Author: Zoey Z They have to be familiar not only with Azure administration but also with Azure development and the experts in any of these areas. They must also have the ability to implement and design DevOps practices for version control, build release, infrastructures as code, compliance, configuration management, and testing by the use of the Azure technologies.


To succeed in the Microsoft AZ-400 certification exam, you need to have expertise in Azure development and administration. Author: Dylan C While preparing for it, start by going through the blueprints so as to get a clear idea of its sections, find online courses that will help you understand things, and take several practice tests to determine your weakness and strengths.

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