Cool Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: WARM) is engaged in mobile power generation, energy efficiency, and heat removal technologies. Shares of the power generation company are gaining 13.73% on Wednesday, March 29, 2017. Over the past month, Cool Technologies, Inc. has seen average daily volume of 200,961 shares. However, volume of 517,037 shares or dollar volume of $74,970, has already exchanged hand on Wednesday.

Shares of Cool Technologies, Inc. are rallying Wednesday, after the company announced it will be attending and demonstrating at the Craftsmen Industries 35th Anniversary Party in St. Louis. The company will feature its MG System at the conference, where Craftsmen will be able to sell and install a generator that provides equal-to-greater power for less cost and less weight. The MG System can be used on all sorts of vehicles, but the demonstration will feature a Ford F-350 diesel. Here is the full press release detailing of the planned demonstration at the Craftsmen conference:

Cool Technologies, Inc. Press Release:

TAMPA, Fla., March 28, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — On April 27th, Cool Technologies (WARM), an innovator in mobile power generation, energy efficiency, and heat removal technologies, will present its mobile power generation offering at the Craftsmen Industries 35th Anniversary Party in St. Louis.

Beyond celebrating Craftsmen’s success, the event will provide Cool Technologies a showcase of the benefits its technology will offer to Craftsmen’s customers.

Craftsmen designs, engineers and produces mobile marketing vehicles, experiential marketing platforms and industrial mobile solutions. Craftsmen powers many of its designs by essentially building a tow behind generator into the product. The sizes are skillfully accommodated.  The weight entails reinforcement; the separate engine and fuel tank require fire, heat and leak barriers; the noise requires sound proofing and the emissions require special ventilation. Added size can reduce overall functionality of the design. Each requirement adds labor, materials and cost to the bottom line.

CoolTech’s MG System will enable Craftsmen to sell and install a generator of equal or greater  power for less cost and less weight — one quarter of the weight of a comparable tow-behind. The location: Cool Technologies product allows under the chassis or  between the frame rails placement, away from the functional, usable space above. The generator is powered by the vehicle’s engine which eliminates the need for a separate engine and fuel tank. And the exterior installation minimizes noise. Plus, the inclusion of CoolTech thermal technology reduces the size of the generator below any other comparable generator on the market.

Cool Technologies’ system will be demonstrated on a Ford F350 diesel to meet the requirements of Craftsmen’s customers, but the MG systems can also operate on vehicles powered by other types of fuel including gasoline, compressed or liquid natural gas, solar, fuel cells or even battery power for emissions-free generation.

Over 400 current and prospective Craftsmen customers are expected to be in the audience for the demonstrations. In addition, prospective customers for Cool Tech, its large shareholders and investors, and key industry contacts including current and former Fortune 500 executives as well as former Cabinet-level officers in previous administrations are expected to be in attendance.

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About Cool Technologies, Inc.

Cool Technologies is an intellectual property and product development company commercializing patented thermal dispersion technology across multiple platforms. The Company has additional patents-pending for various OEM applications of its proprietary heat removal technologies. Tested and validated by two third parties, ESSCO Pumps and Nidec Corporation, the Company’s cooling system eliminates the need for costly modifications while increasing power output of pumps, fans, compressors, batteries, motors, generators and bearings.

Safe Harbor Statement.

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