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Centaurus Diamond Technology, Inc. (OTC PINK: CTDT), is a company based upon producing laboratory grown diamonds that are chemically, optically and physically the same as their natural counterparts for use in many industries from cutting tools, film and coating, to semiconductor and other electronics manufacturing.

We started looking at CTDT when they announced on November 24, 2015, their acquisition of the Autogenous Impact Mill (A.I.M) Technology. The stock immediately responded with a 233% increase in price over the next five days.

On December 7, 2015, issued a “Squeeze Trigger” report stating that approximately 75 million shares, or 33% of the daily trading volume have been shorted since may of 2012.  Since the report was issued, we have seen the stock rise in value 88% on less than 3 million shares in total volume before settling at around the .27 mark where we see it today.

Five days following CTDT’s last press release of February 23, 2016 announcing the upgraded design of tooling and equipment for Magnetic pulse, the stock traded just under 500,000 shares and realized over a 30% increase in price.

It seems that with the right announcement and company developments, a true short squeeze can occur and there is no telling where the stock can to.  We are keeping an eye out for new developments concerning CTDT, and look forward to seeing how the stock reacts.

CTDT just announced the validation by an Independent 3rd Party of the creation of diamond structure using only carbon.

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Their evolutionary new process is a benchmark leap beyond current methods and creates diamonds from carbon without requiring a diamond to seed the process.

CTDT currently has two patents.  US Patent 7,854,823, entitled, “Synthesis of Diamond by Extraction of a Pulse Derived from the Abrupt Collapse of a Magnetic Field and US Patent # 5,254237 is titled “Plasma Arc Apparatus for Producing Diamond Semiconductor Devices”.

Industrial diamonds are predominately used for their hardness and thermal conductivity, possessing four times the conductivity of copper. The diverse number of uses for synthetic diamonds presents an immense and exciting opportunity for CTDT and we look forward to the development of their patented process.

CTDT further announced on Tuesday, the filing of yet another patent on the Autogenous Impact Mill Technology or A.I.M.  The Company announced the acquisition of the A.I.M. Technology in November of 2015.

CTDT expects to generate $3mm in revenue from the AIM sales in the first year of rollout after initial launch and is preparing to manufacture units and generate revenue starting Q2 2016.

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